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(I promise one day to take my big girl camera and make big girl pictures of my big girl house. I promise.)

Our new house is coming along quite swimmingly. We were told last night that we might be able to move in at the end of the month. We are so excited!

Below are two pictures of two little additions that were installed yesterday to our new house.

We have fans in every room except the kitchen, which is so nice. We only have one fan now, and I have a serious love/hate relationship with it, but my love for it is so deep that I think it outweighs the hate. Maybe. But, I really like these fans. They are great!

We also got this light fixture in the kitchen. We are more partial to silver light fixtures, but this one was lovingly picked out by the manager of our house project, so we will love it nonetheless. It will provide lots of light, and that's all we can ask.

Mat and the other guys did such a great job painting all this week. I seriously cannot believe how well and how quick they got everything painted. Below, again, just for kicks, is the color I can't seem to get enough of. Right now, this is the guest room Mumsy Suite, but it's so beautiful and relaxing that I just might have to claim this room for my office. (What do you think, Mum? And yes, Mum, you can post comments on here... Just type your comment and then click the drop-down menu and click "Anonymous." After I approve your comment, it will be visible. I do this to keep the spam out.)

Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams

Isn't it calming? This is a picture from The Nester of her sitting room, which is painted Comfort Gray. I love this color. It makes my heart leap.

So, that's our progress since last night. Electricity should be turned on soon. Then, kitchen and bathroom floors will be done Monday, and then carpet. We'll be moving before we know it!

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