hey, good lookin'!

Just some kitchen inspiration that's been saved on my laptop for quite some time now. I love them all.

Is anyone else hungry?

*I've got to remember to note where I get my photos from. If any of these are your kitchen, please let me know so I can give you credit where credit is due!


  1. I think all of these kitchens are classic. I originally wanted marble countertops, but most everyone talked me out of it. These pics make me wish I had just gotten them anyway. Gorgeous!

    Amy R.

  2. Oooh these kitchens are awesome. We have similar tastes. I especially love that pantry. I wish mine looked that organized.

  3. Amy-- I had marble countertops in our old house, and we LOVED them. I loved being able to pull something straight out of the oven and put it on the marble without using potholders. It was great!

    Colleen-- What I wouldn't give for that pantry!!!