happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday. Mat and I are in North Alabama, and we are having such a wonderful time. It's always such a blessing to get to see our family. We aren't able to make the 5-hour trip to Alabama often, so when we do, we try to cherish every single moment.

We arrived yesterday, and we went straight to Ft. Payne to make my cousin's photos with this baby girl...

What a cute family. I love these three!

Today, we are getting ready to eat with Mat's parents and then my side of the family later tonight. We are so happy to be here!

I'll be back with a Thanksgiving recap later. But for now, Mat and I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! Eat and be merry!


Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. Please bring me this:

Thank you. I promise to leave you homemade chocolate chip cookies and extra-cold milk.



adam and sarah | 10.30.10

I recently made some photos of our good friends, Adam and Sarah. Just wanted to share!


it's the most wonderful time

Friday, Mat and I had our Christmas card pictures made by a good friend and a great photographer. What can I say-- the dude can MAKE a photo. I got to proof them today, and they are fantastic. I am so glad we got him to make the photos.

Anyway...so now that the photos are made, it's time to pick out our Christmas cards. Shutterfly has some adorable ones right now. Check it out...

I love these paisley ones. You can find the paisley ones in Shutterfly's Christmas cards.

I also really love these Christmas photo cards.

And finally, their Holiday cards are fantastic, as well.

I've seen some of Shutterfly's Christmas/Holiday cards, and they always look amazing. I ordered my mum a leather-bound album from our wedding from Shutterfly, and it was a big hit. The quality was wonderful. I've really come to love Shutterfly-- I've even ordered prints from them, and they have always been great. 

Some other favorites... (because I can only pick out one card, but I can show you a million!)


more soon, and happy weekend

credit: me

This is my life:

A research paper
Eating out (but we did just get groceries)
No blinds
More boxes
Work (slammed)
Getting used to a work commute
And blessings.

I promise to post more later, but I just wanted to shout out a hello, and let you know that I am still alive. Things are crazy, but hopefully after the semester ends, we'll be able to slow down a bit, and you and I can catch up.

Happy Weekend!


a quick update

Hello, there. This post is crazy and jumbled, so please forgive me. I'm doing the best I can these days. Here's what's been happening in my life lately...

Red cups from Starbucks. So far, I've had a lot of regular black coffee and a few peppermint mochas (my poison of choice). I love red cup time at Starbucks. Nothing says "The holidays are here," like a red cup.

This baby girl is growing like a weed! I can't wait to see her over Thanksgiving break. I'm going to kiss those cheeks until she is sore. She went to the Auburn Homecoming parade over the weekend. My cousin Meg said that she loved it until the band came marching by. She apparently is not a fan of the trumpet. How cute is she in that little brown coat and white gloves?! I could eat her up. Love this baby girl.

Mat's birthday was Saturday. Poor thing-- we had to move on his 25th birthday (more about the move later on in this post). But, he was a total champ about it. He never complained one time. I love him more than words can express. Friday night, we went to Cracker Barrel for a really, really late dinner, and we had a ball-- just the two of us. I love living life with Mat Alexander.

On Saturday, we packed and two guys from our church and one kind neighbor helped us load the truck. We actually got everything packed fairly quickly. We went to the new house, unloaded everything, and then Mat and I came back to Louisville. We grabbed lunch, and Mat got a special birthday cupcake from GiGi's. He was pumped.

This is our empty apartment. I can't believe it's been almost one year and 3 months since we moved into our apartment on the campus of Southern Seminary. It's crazy how time flies. The days drag, but the years fly by.

While we were moving, I found this precious picture of my mum. How cute is she? My grandparents, Mum, and my uncle Jim used to live in Alaska-- in fact, my uncle was born there. Apparently, Mum had a little eskimo suit while they were there. I cherish this picture.

And...then we had to get Sham and Little One to Shepherdsville. This ride, fortunately, was not as bad as the ride to Kentucky from Mobile, but it was bad enough. Sham hates, hates, hates riding in the car. Hates it. Check out his claws in that picture above. Oh, he hates it. He spent the first night at the new house under the loveseat. He WOULD NOT-- for anything-- come out.

There are boxes everywhere, no food in our refrigerator, no blinds, and only one suitable bathroom as of today. But, we are moved in. And by george, we are loving country life. Except for when it's 9:00 p.m., and we have nothing to eat and nowhere to go. And except for when it takes me 45+ minutes to get to work. But we really do love it. And we have so much space-- it's amazing. Crazy. We love it.

And Little One is totally comfortable living at the new house. He's constantly exploring everything. Such a champ of a cat.

And speaking of nowhere to eat at 9:00 p.m...Mat and I ate at Big Boy last night. Hilarious. Again, I love spending time with this man. I praise God for him, and his ability to make me laugh constantly. Praise God for laughter.

And I leave you with this picture of EPG-- Meg said she was taking a bath, and she put suds all over her face and said, "Snowman!" And started cracking up. She thought it was so funny. I love my Ellie. I love her so much.

So, that's what we've been up to. Life is crazy, wonderful, and busy all at the same time. Mat and I are anxiously counting down the days until the semester is over. We covet Christmas break pretty much year-round. We look forward to what the holidays hold. But, for now, we are so happy to be in our new little house. If you're ever in the area, stop by! I'd be more than happy to let you help me unpack a box or two...or twelve.

What did you do this weekend?


wa | photography

See those tabs at the top? Click the one that says, "Photography."

I'm jumping in, feet first. We'll see where it goes.

Happy Monday!