it's the most wonderful time

Friday, Mat and I had our Christmas card pictures made by a good friend and a great photographer. What can I say-- the dude can MAKE a photo. I got to proof them today, and they are fantastic. I am so glad we got him to make the photos.

Anyway...so now that the photos are made, it's time to pick out our Christmas cards. Shutterfly has some adorable ones right now. Check it out...

I love these paisley ones. You can find the paisley ones in Shutterfly's Christmas cards.

I also really love these Christmas photo cards.

And finally, their Holiday cards are fantastic, as well.

I've seen some of Shutterfly's Christmas/Holiday cards, and they always look amazing. I ordered my mum a leather-bound album from our wedding from Shutterfly, and it was a big hit. The quality was wonderful. I've really come to love Shutterfly-- I've even ordered prints from them, and they have always been great. 

Some other favorites... (because I can only pick out one card, but I can show you a million!)

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