who are you? who who? who who?

Ever since I started my blog a couple of years ago, I've loved being able to grow closer to a few friends-- even those friends I don't get to see on a regular basis. I've "met" new people and reconnected with others, and for that, I am so grateful! I love community, and community is one reason I love my blog.

And if you're reading this, you are a part of my online community, and I so appreciate you reading! So, THANK YOU! You mean a great deal to me!!

My Blogger Stats tell me I have a lot of readers who read my blog, however, I don't so often get many comments. Where are all my readers? I bet there are people who read my blog that I'd love to hear from. I bet there are people that read my blog that I don't know, but I'd love to know who they are! And then again, I know there are people who read my blog every day, but don't leave comments. It's such a sad state of affairs for me personally.

And this is where you come in: if you're reading this, who are you? Go ahead! You can do it!! You, too, can leave me a comment. Tell me who you are! If we know each other, leave one anyway. Just say hi! You can imagine how much joy it brings me to hear from you.

If you're reading this in Google Reader, I want you to comment, too! Go ahead...click on the blue title of this post and leave me a little comment. I want to hear from you, too!!

Yes, it's true. I'm begging for comments. But not just for any reason, but because I want to know who I'm talking to. I want to know who reads about my little life. I'd love to know!

So, now you know that I love comments, so from here on out, don't be afraid to leave one! I always welcome your opinions, comments, concerns, funny remarks, and questions.

Thank you for suiting my fancy. You mean the world to me!


santa has left the building

Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!!

I'm back at work today, and things are slow, but I'm staying busy. Mat and I flew back into Louisville last night after a week-long stay in Alabama, where I had my very first White Christmas.

Mat's Family's House, Photo credit: Valerie Alexander

We are always so sad to leave family, but we are happy to be back in our little house. I'll post more later about our Christmas as soon as I can get myself to the Apple store and purchase a new computer. Our little laptop is completely out of memory, so I can't upload any photos yet.

Until then, Happy New Year's!


the view from here

Good evening!

It's snowing like crazy here in our cozy little valley. I've just gotten over the nasty Stomach Virus of 2010, and we went to Nashville yesterday to see the Rockettes with our good friends, Adam and Sarah. A good time was had by all!

But back to the snow... here is the view from here:

(A surprisingly good quality photo of me by MCA. He might become a budding photographer yet!)

Is it snowing where you are??


my dream house

When Mat and I were trying to decide how we wanted to decorate our new house, I kind of went through this stage in my head where I was "bored" with what furniture and accessories I had. Everything we have is dark-- either browns or burgundies or dark khakis or black. Our couch is dark khaki and dark green adorned with dark khaki pillows with our monogram in deep burgundy.

Anyway, like I said I went through this stage where I wanted to "lighten everything up." I wanted to trade in all my dark furniture for light, white furniture. I wanted to use cool blues and light khakis. I wanted to spray paint everything that was dark that I could to make it light and cream colored.

I did all of this because that's what I saw in trendy blogs. That's what I saw in the Pottery Barn magazine. That's what I heard from people who "know what they are talking about." Those people told me to trade dark for light.

And for a while, I tried to do just that. Change everything. Spray paint. Transform. Trade dark for light. Throw this away. Buy this. And it just couldn't work. It didn't work.

It wasn't me. It wasn't Mat. It wasn't our family.

We like our dark. We like our reds and greens and khakis. We like our dark wood and black accessories. We like clutter. Surprising, I know. I've had guests come into our house and say, "You just have so many little things-- so much stuff!" And it's true. We do. We have a lot of "little stuff." But, I love it. I love stacks of books everywhere, and tons of photos of our family everywhere, and little pictures hung in every nook and cranny. I love all my old stuff. I love it all.

And I've come to accept this. And maybe not just accept it. I've come to embrace it. And I'm loving it.

And since it's the holidays, I have to show you what I would have to my house to look like if I could choose any house in the entire world. That's right-- this is my dream house.

The house from "The Family Stone."

(All of the above images are from "Hooked on Houses.")

The smart gal from "Hooked on Houses" wrote, "When Diane Keaton, who plays the mother, saw the interior of the house for the first time, she says she told the director it was 'disgusting.' She couldn’t stand all the clutter 'and all of the stuff everywhere.' But she admitted that it suited the family’s personality: 'For them it was perfect.' The set designers were careful about every little detail, down to the magnets on the fridge."

And judging by what our house kind of looks like already, with tons of stuff on the fridge and clutter everywhere, we are well on our way to this look!


southern living | christmas

Good morning! A few days ago, I flipped through the December 2010 issue of Southern Living, and I was blown away. The new editor, M. Lindsay Bierman, is fantastic, and I think he's done such a great job at SL so far. See for yourselves...

*And I'm so sorry for the awful quality-- I made these with my camera instead of scanning them in.


left-over turkey

Good afternoon, everybody!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We did, and we have been so busy with finals this week, and we spent a lot of time this week getting ready for a Christmas Open House we had at the parsonage yesterday.

This month will fly by, because we are so busy with different things every single weekend. Next weekend, we are heading to see the Rockettes in Nashville with our good friends, the Rices, and then we have a wedding to attend that night in Louisville. The weekend after that, we have our Christmas play at church, and I am making photos for a friend's wedding. Then, before we know it, it will be time to fly home for Christmas. The holidays always seem to go by too fast.

I wanted to share some pics from our Thanksgiving, so I'll just let them speak for themselves.


Merry Christmas!