honeymoon bakery | rome, ga

Nestled downtown in Rome, Ga, is one of the best little bakeries I've ever been to in my entire life.

My mum is a regular there, and the cake baker knows her by name. And the baker makes the best cakes in the world!

HoneyMoon Bakery is located in an old warehouse on Main Street. I love the quirky decor and the huge display case of sweets, bread and gelato.


I love the tile floors and the industrial light fixtures.




I love the signage and the homemade bread that sits out on carts beside the gelato.



I love the chalkboard that display their daily specials.


I just love everything about it.

If you ever have a chance to stop by HoneyMoon Bakery (or HarvestMoon Cafe that is joined beside Honeymoon Bakery), then I highly recommend it.

And get a tiny red velvet cupcake for me!

**My husband just chastised me on Twitter for not mentioning the sweet potato muffins they made at HM Bakery. They are his favorite things of all time, and he loves them. So, if you go, get one of those, too!

(*Sorry- iPhone pics again.)


  1. So precious! You just made me want to take a road trip! :-)

  2. Adorable! Between sweet locations like this and the freezing midwest weather, this Indiana girl could use a trip South...

  3. Also, tell us about those cute boots! ;)

  4. The road trip is worth the miles. TRUST ME!

    Jenna- my boots are Lauren Ralph Lauren "May," I believe. They are an old style-- I bought them from Zappos Outlet here in KY. They are BY FAR the best boots (and most comfortable boots) I've ever owned. I love them.

  5. I see you are from Louisville, KY- we are living here now and I got my wedding cupcakes from Honeymoon Bakery! Glad to see we have a lot in common- I LOVE THAT BAKERY! One of the things I miss about Rome, GA. My husband and I graduated from Berry College there.

  6. Whitney,
    Just an FYI....Honeymoon Bakery is located on Broad Street, not Main street :)
    My fav is the Italian Creme cupcake. To die for!! Cream cheese icing, coconut, and pecans. What's not to love.