friday randomness

Afternoon, folks! It's been a crazy week for me, and I am completely ready for the weekend. I'm voting we move to a four day work week and have three day weekends every week. Who's with me?

On another note, I discovered The Civil Wars Pandora Station this week, and I can definitely sense a much happier mood in my office. Try it for yourself!

Mat's been on a trip with Dr. Mohler this week, and I've been trying to get my house back in order for him to come home. Last weekend, we had three boys stay with us for a conference at SBTS, and since then, I just haven't been able to pull it together.

Right before Mat left, he looked at my kitchen sink that was literally so full that I had dirty dishes stacked up on the counter, and he said, "I'm excited about leaving so I can give you a chance to get these dishes done." Thanks, sweetheart. And, yes, I did get them done. Well, most of them.

I went to the dentist earlier this morning, and you wouldn't believe what the man told me. I have five cavities. That's right-- FIVE. As in, A LOT. This came as quite a shock to me-- a girl who brushes, flosses and uses floride mouthwash at least twice a day. I think I'm going to have to get a second opinion. Have any of you ever had trouble with dentists telling you you had cavities when you didn't? Speak up!

I was at Target yesterday in the check-out line when I looked behind me and remembered that I wanted to look for a black watch. I didn't really think to look at Target, per se, but the jewelry section was there, and I thought why not? I came away with this bad boy...


Not bad for $12.99, huh? It's not a high-quality watch (obviously), but it will do for now.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I have SOOOO had the same experience at the dentist! Growing up, I never had cavities. And then one day I went, and I had two! I felt like a failure! So I got them filled, and then started using the fluoride rinse because I still had a few spots that he wanted to watch. Six months went by, and I went for a check-up, and those spots had pretty much disappeared! I was so proud!

    Then a couple of years later, I got married and had to change dentists due to an insurance change. So I went to the new dentist, and she proceeded to tell me I had FOUR cavities, and my wisdom teeth needed to be pulled! So I gave in, got two filled that day and bought the "special" enamel strengthening toothpaste she recommended. She made me slightly angry because her hygenist asked me about 5 times if I had acid reflux because my enamel was wearing away. I told her no every time. My old dentist had never mentioned this to me before, so that raised some suspicion when the hygenist wouldn't stop asking me.

    So, the more I thought about it, the more I didn't want to go back. I still had two cavities to fill though, according to her. So, I waited about 6 more months. We changed insurance again, so I went back to my old dentist to get the last two cavities filled. So I go in there, and I not only discover that one of my fillings had broken off, but the so-called "cavities" she had found were so small, that my dentist said he'd have to take out more tooth to get to them than there was cavity! I was SO mad! So I really feel like she filled my teeth when it wasn't needed, and since he never mentioned my enamel, she probably made that up as well! My dentist said as long as they weren't bothering me, he saw no need to fill them. And he never said anything about my wisdom teeth. That was two years ago, and I still haven't had any trouble!

    So...moral of that LONG story...definitely get a second opinion!!! Haha!

  2. I once had a dentist check-up that bad too, but mine was true. Turns out, drinking a glass of orange juice right before going to bed wears down on your teeth a lot. I never really thought about it because I was brushing too, but I would do it right before sleep so the sugar and acid was on my teeth all night. Have you done anything like that recently? If not, I would definitely recommend a 2nd opinion!