Last night shortly after 5:15 CST, a mile-wide tornado ripped its way through Tuscaloosa, AL, mangling everything in its path.

And today, even as I type this post, my heart is broken.

I'm not going to repost photos of damage done to the city I called home for over 3 years. Instead, I ask you to pray for Tuscaloosa and to pray for Alabama. May God be merciful.

I am going to post one photo so that I will always remember it. This is 35 Beverly Heights. I spent 2 years of college life in this little 2 bedroom, 1 bath house. Some of my most favorite memories in the world happened in this house. I made best friends in this house. Mat proposed to me in this house. I have numerous memories of cook outs and game-watching parties at this house. I lived my college life in this house. I can't look at it without crying, but I always want to remember.

The standing mailbox in the front yard, without a single bit of damage to it, is a reminder that God is faithful even in the tough times. Even in the storms.

But still, today, the day after numerous storms ravaged across the South, my heart breaks for Tuscaloosa. And my heart breaks for the city that was home for those three years, and will always be home in my heart.


  1. Hi,
    I saw your post when I googled Beverly Heights. I used to live in 13 Beverly Heights. It was mine and my husbands first house. Do you know if it is still there or if the damage was this severe throughout the neighborhood. We live in Atlanta now but that will always be our first home together. I am praying for all of Tuscaloosa. God is still good!

    1. Hi my name is max Terry son of Darlene Terry my was the owner of 13 Beverly Hights .and she had it rented out to sum youner kids on April 27 2011. She has toke a job In new mexico. So I have ben handling thangs for her. The insurance tottaled the house so she payed the bank off and toled me to do what ever I wonted weth it that it was mine! At about same time me and my girl frend was bying a house to gather for 5 years. Will u mite guess what hapend with that.Stooped me. She got the gold mine and I got the shaft! If u no what I mean.and got marred a mouth later! Yep! O well just sharing this with u to let u no how special this house is to me! I am a carponder and be doing remoudling my hole life so I got my stuff and hocked to my camper and here I am setting ware the garage ,carport youst to be! And I am saving the old house! Slowly but sorly. I am the only one or I should say 13 is the only one on the back side that made it! A blessing with out a dout! And u probably never new it becouse I didn't ether but it sits on the highest hill around here! And u can see for miles all most all the way around. That why it's a blessing to me. You may remember Thare was a big hickory tree if u pulled up to the garage door to the lift pretty close. It went rite beside the kitchen window and the littal room on the side that youst to be a porch. And went down in the roof but sum how that was it ! It didnt even make it threw the ceiling! But broke a lot of the rafters. The old house toke on hek of a lek and thay say 200 hundred mile hour winds! She's a surviver!!! And thares no way I was going to tare it down! I went and talk to my lawyer and she told me that I could do what ever I wanted with it just becouse thay tottled it don't mean I had to tare it down! So I fixing her .she has a hole new roof! Rafters and all and finely got the tarps off and she's in the dry! I have a lot of pix and don't mind sharing them if u wont my emaill is maxterry77@yahoo.com hope u get this!
      Max Terry
      O ya and single 34 years old :) lol

  2. I was wondering how my house fared. I lived here from 2003-2006 and in the house next door (36 Beverly Heights) my last year of grad school, 2006-2007. Such good memories in this house and this neighborhood.

  3. A.J.-- I remember you. My roommate, Tiffany, and I rented the house right after you. We lived next door unti you moved out. The house didn't fair so well. The roof over the largest bedroom and den is gone. The bathroom is still in tact (I believe), but the house is definitely in need of repair.

  4. Friend...breaks my heart to see your place like that. I was in Tuscaloosa yesterday and words can't describe what I saw. Truly, one of the saddest scenes I've ever seen, yet at the same time...so filled with hope as people rally around each other to help. Greater things are yet to come for Tuscaloosa!!

  5. Ouch.....My brother and I owned 35 beverly heights from 1977 to 1981....It was gutted by fire in 1981 and the insurance co. built it back nice.....major Bama good times in that house....very sad!.......thanks for the photo ....Dave Shope

  6. Also found your blog when looking for the house I lived in during a couple years of college (2001-2003), 26 Beverly Heights. Looks like 26 may back up to 35. Does anyone know how it is? What great memories I have from those 2 years.

  7. Thank you for this post. My husband and I lived in 36 Beverly Heights
    2002-2004. We have been concerned about the neighbors and homes.
    During our stay there were still many original owners. In fact at the time
    we were the first renters after the owner passed away at the age 106.
    I believe Mr. and Mrs. Carr were listed as missing. They lived across the street. Does know their status?

  8. I will be praying for you and everyone affected by the disaster. : ( God hears prayers.