Baby A gives a thumbs up

I went to the doctor today, and we did find out if Baby A is a BOY or a GIRL. Unfortunately, we can't tell anyone what I'm having until after we've told our families at our little gender reveal party on Sunday night. But, don't worry. I'll let you know early, early Monday morning, for sure.

Here's just some things I want to remember about our day...

ultrasound monitor

The technician who did our sonogram is hilarious. We love her so much. She is sassy, but so good at what she does, and she always baby talks to our baby on the sonogram screen. It means so much to me. Right when we started the sonogram, she went straight to find out the gender. And she did. And she showed us how she knew that it is what it is. I just had to take her word for it, because I never can see anything on those sonograms! Mat asked her how for sure she was, and she said there was no doubting it! My doctor, Dr. Link, later confirmed to us that the baby definitely is a _______. :) Mat and I were (and are still!) thrilled to death!!

I had been feeling a little uneasy over the past few days because I haven't felt the baby move, so I asked our tech if she could let me hear the heartbeat. She, of course, did. She said Baby A's heartbeat was coming in at a strong 132. I was so relieved. She also showed us Baby A's two kidneys, brain, and four heart chambers, along with 2 arms, 2 legs, a straight spine, and good skin. Who knew you could see skin on an ultrasound!

Unfortunately, Baby A had its back turned to us almost the whole time. The tech tried and tried to get the baby to turn around, and finally, Baby A did. Here's some photos...but don't think I'm going to post the photos that would give away the gender!

baby face 20 weeks

baby thumbs up 20 weeks

And in case you are like me and have a hard time making these things out, here are the same two photos with some explanations...

baby face 20 weeks2

baby thumbs up 20 weeks2

More than just knowing and being thrilled by what gender our precious kiddo is, we are absolutely blown away at the graciousness of God in this situation. Lord knows, our conception alone was a miracle, and I still cannot find words to express my gratitude to the Lord for bestowing this child upon us. Mat and I are forever grateful to be entrusted with this great blessing. Thank you, Jesus.

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with JOY.
-Psalm 126:3

Great things, indeed. And joy is abundant.


  1. So excited for you guys!! Can't wait to see you next week and hear the gender!

  2. oh, friend...reading this post brought tears to my eyes. can't wait to see you holding a baby in your arms!!

  3. Congratulations! Love your blog & cannot wait to read about your gender reveal party!