new baby and other ramblings

Maybe one day, I'll get into the habit of posting, and I'll be more of a regular blogger. Until then, all of my random hodge-podge postings will have to do.

Here's what's been going on lately...

We bought Ama-Watt's some notecards. The little girl has lots to say, and she needed notecards to send to her friends. We got these from our favorite card/gift shop in town, Cartwheels.

awa note cards

I am taking a smocking class at a sewing shop here in town, as well, and I am working on a bonnet and a dress for Ama-Watts. The bonnet is 95% done, and the dress is currently being pleated so that I can smock it and sew it together.

awa smocking

Janie and Jack was having a really nice online sale last week, so I ordered this for the little girl. It still makes my heart skip a beat when I see her little clothes all over the house.

awa new dress

In other news, Sham has become a thirsty cat almost overnight. I frequently have to get him water from unusual places...

sam water

I have completely outgrown all my regular pants and most of my dresses. Mat treated me to this dress from Motherhood Maternity. He was in another store when I tried it on, so I had to send a pic to get his approval. He approved, so we bought.

new dress

I found this bib at Cartwheels, also where I bought Ama's notecards, and it was only like $6, so I snatched it up. The Smocking Shop (where I am taking my smocking lessons) did the monogram for us. They do beautiful monogramming.

awa bib

Little One wanted to make an appearance on the blog. That's the only reason this photo is on here.

little one

Last Monday, Southern Seminary held their annual golf tourney, and I was fortunate enough to get to work at the course that day. It was the most perfect day for golfing.

golf tourney 3

golf tourney 2

Mat and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary on the 30th, but neither one of us can keep anything a surprise-- we've already exchanged gifts. This is the leather year, so I got a new Longchamp and Mat got new shoes. Perfect.

anniversary gift

I rarely have pregnancy cravings, but for some reason, I just really felt like baking and eating cinnamon rolls last Tuesday night. Thus, the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls were created in my kitchen. I am happy to say that I have only consumed about 6 of them. Most were given away.

cinnamon rolls

In GREAT news, our friends Adam and Sarah Rice had their baby boy on Friday morning! We are so happy Luke Stevens Rice has entered the world as a healthy, fine looking young man. We love Adam and Sarah so much, and we are absolutely thrilled for them! We already love Luke, and we cannot wait to watch him grow. We know Ama-Watts will have her eye on that cute Rice kid when they are a little older. :)


wwa lsr

Luke Stevens Rice

We are planning on a busy month coming up, so we are going out of town for a few nights. We are so thankful Hurricane Irene didn't mess up our plans too much.

And speaking of Irene, we are so thankful that my brother, his fiance Lauren, and her family who all reside in Cape May, NJ, were able to evacuate and are safe in spite of Irene. They are back in Cape May now, but I have yet to hear about damage to their homes and possessions. Please keep them in your prayers, still.

Hope you had a great weekend!


beach photos (a month later)

We've been back from the beach for a month now, but I wanted to share my real pics with you from the trip (not my iPhone pics). Here they are. Enjoy!

gender reveal cake 1

grandparents and aaron


proud parents of a baby girl!

aaron with fish

atticus and jem



aaron at original


vgw, mca, wwa

original oyster house

feeding the fish


mca wwa

vga wwa

vra wwa

mca wwa

beach from balcony

beach bag

mca tkam


adventure island

mca go carts

mat ethan

mat beating chris at air hockey


race 2

wwa vgw



vgw mca mcguires



a long post

Howdy, folks. I just got back (Sunday night) from a little weekend trip with my mom. One of my dear, sweet friends, Patty Ann, got married this past weekend in Columbus, Mississippi, and she asked me to read scripture in her ceremony. I was more than thrilled to oblige, so Mom and I made the trip down.

I met Mom in Rome on Friday afternoon. We did a little shopping and ate dinner, then we headed out early Saturday morning for Columbus. On the way, we got to stop by my favorite place in the whole world-- Tuscaloosa.

This was the first time I had been to T-town since the tornadoes and since I graduated college in 2008. Mom rode me by my house that I lived in for 2 years in college. I couldn't believe how different the neighborhood and the little house that I love so much looked...

35 BH

35 BH 4

35 BH 3

35 BH 2

Luckily, the storms didn't do much (if any) damage to UA's campus. I was so happy to see this that I made Mom park in the Communications parking lot so I could get out of the car and walk around...

BD stadium

BD stadium 2

It was so good to run into Sir Nick while we were there. Ama enjoyed meeting him...

wwa nick

wwa bds

ns bds

And, of course, I had to get a photo of Reese Phifer Hall-- it houses the College of Communication and Information Sciences. I had most of my classes here in college. Looks like they are renovating the rotunda. Can't wait to see what it looks like when they are finished.

Reese Phifer

We made it to Columbus in time to check in to our hotel, lay down for a while, then get ready and get to the church for the wedding. Patty Ann and Bobby had a beautiful wedding, and I was honored to be a part of it.

PAB wedding prog

The reception was held at the Columbus Country Club, and there were no details overlooked! It was decorated so cute.

reception door

Patty Ann had her wedding guests place their gifts in the bed of an old Chevy truck. Such a fun idea! (P-Ann, thank you so much for including me in your special day! Many prayers for a blessed marriage for you and Bobby. Love you!!!)

reception truck

While we were in Rome, Ama-Watts got some loot, too. Mom bought her a baby book. It's pink leather, and I just love it. Everything that can be filled out up to this point has been. Up next, we fill out shower details and delivery day!

AWA baby book

Mom also saved all the smocked outfits I wore as a baby (which means she saved every single outfit I ever owned, because smocked outfits are all I ever wore), and she packed them all up for me to let Ama-Watts wear. They are a post of their own, and I'm sure you'll see lots of pictures when the little girl gets here of her wearing them! I am so thankful my mom did that for me...and for Ama.

Gran V and Pop also got Ama a highchair. Mat and I knew we didn't want a plastic highchair, and we had found a wooden Eddie Bauer one at Target, but when Gran V found this one, we knew it was the one! Gran V's going to sew her a cushion for it, and the little girl will be good to go!

AWA highchair

And finally, after weeks of searching, Mat and I found crib bedding fabric for her nursery. We picked out this print for her skirt, and we'll use the cream linen for her bumper. We're going to have her monogram embroidered on the bumper in chocolate brown, and we're also going to use this print to cover cording for the bumper. Mat is the one who found this fabric, and I think he has good taste-- don't you?

AWA nursery fabric skirt

AWA nursery fabric

We got a cream and khaki pin stripe bed sheet coming from Target.com, and I hope it all looks good together!

Just this morning, my friend Emily Griffin brought me these cookies. Aren't they the cutest things you've ever seen? She also made these cookies I blogged about back in March. Thank you so much, Emily!

AWA cookies

Just a quick pregnancy recap for my own sake-- I am now 23 weeks and 1 day. Ama-Watts still moves like crazy. She sometimes kicks and hits so hard that I can see my stomach move, which is still amazing to me. She also has the hiccups about once or twice a day. (Her daddy detests the hiccups, so I'm sure she'll be just thrilled to death when she's born.) I'm almost entirely in clothes that I bought for my pregnancy (or loose dresses that I wore before), and I only have two pairs of pants that I can still wear with my BeBand. I don't really crave any specific foods, and my appetite hasn't changed that much-- I still eat about the same amount of food. I wake up every morning at 4:31 a.m. without delay to go to the bathroom. I go to the doctor next Tuesday for my glucose test, and I am dreading that like the plague. Ama weighs over a pound now, and she's about 11 inches long. Baby girl's growing up!

We've decided to go with the comfort grey room for Ama's nursery. It's smaller, but it just seems to fit her better. I hope she'll like it.

I think that about catches you up. We are trying to enjoy the last few days of summer before Mat begins classes on the 15th of this month. I am longing for the shorter, crisper, cooler days of fall, but certainly enjoying the harvests of the summer months.

It's hard to enjoy summer because I know that after August begins September, and September brings the fall, and the late fall will bring my baby girl into the world. And it is at that thought that my heart skips a beat.

Happy Wednesday!