new baby and other ramblings

Maybe one day, I'll get into the habit of posting, and I'll be more of a regular blogger. Until then, all of my random hodge-podge postings will have to do.

Here's what's been going on lately...

We bought Ama-Watt's some notecards. The little girl has lots to say, and she needed notecards to send to her friends. We got these from our favorite card/gift shop in town, Cartwheels.

awa note cards

I am taking a smocking class at a sewing shop here in town, as well, and I am working on a bonnet and a dress for Ama-Watts. The bonnet is 95% done, and the dress is currently being pleated so that I can smock it and sew it together.

awa smocking

Janie and Jack was having a really nice online sale last week, so I ordered this for the little girl. It still makes my heart skip a beat when I see her little clothes all over the house.

awa new dress

In other news, Sham has become a thirsty cat almost overnight. I frequently have to get him water from unusual places...

sam water

I have completely outgrown all my regular pants and most of my dresses. Mat treated me to this dress from Motherhood Maternity. He was in another store when I tried it on, so I had to send a pic to get his approval. He approved, so we bought.

new dress

I found this bib at Cartwheels, also where I bought Ama's notecards, and it was only like $6, so I snatched it up. The Smocking Shop (where I am taking my smocking lessons) did the monogram for us. They do beautiful monogramming.

awa bib

Little One wanted to make an appearance on the blog. That's the only reason this photo is on here.

little one

Last Monday, Southern Seminary held their annual golf tourney, and I was fortunate enough to get to work at the course that day. It was the most perfect day for golfing.

golf tourney 3

golf tourney 2

Mat and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary on the 30th, but neither one of us can keep anything a surprise-- we've already exchanged gifts. This is the leather year, so I got a new Longchamp and Mat got new shoes. Perfect.

anniversary gift

I rarely have pregnancy cravings, but for some reason, I just really felt like baking and eating cinnamon rolls last Tuesday night. Thus, the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls were created in my kitchen. I am happy to say that I have only consumed about 6 of them. Most were given away.

cinnamon rolls

In GREAT news, our friends Adam and Sarah Rice had their baby boy on Friday morning! We are so happy Luke Stevens Rice has entered the world as a healthy, fine looking young man. We love Adam and Sarah so much, and we are absolutely thrilled for them! We already love Luke, and we cannot wait to watch him grow. We know Ama-Watts will have her eye on that cute Rice kid when they are a little older. :)


wwa lsr

Luke Stevens Rice

We are planning on a busy month coming up, so we are going out of town for a few nights. We are so thankful Hurricane Irene didn't mess up our plans too much.

And speaking of Irene, we are so thankful that my brother, his fiance Lauren, and her family who all reside in Cape May, NJ, were able to evacuate and are safe in spite of Irene. They are back in Cape May now, but I have yet to hear about damage to their homes and possessions. Please keep them in your prayers, still.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Newest follower! :) WOO WOO! Love your blog! Come check out my blog! I think we will be BFF's in this blog world! :)

  2. You are so cute! Love your new dress...and the little Janie and Jack outfit for the babe! Let me know when you get back south again...I'd love to see you!!

  3. Love our little shout-out! Thanks for sharing our joy. Can't wait for Ama-Watts!