the nursery

We are as close to finishing the nursery as we'll ever be, so I thought now would be a good time to show you Ama-Watts' sweet room.

I have to give credit where credit is due, so I need to thank my mom for all of her hard work she did while she was here a few weeks ago. It was almost like magic-- the nursery wasn't even close to beginning to come together; Mom came; it was finished. Thanks so much for helping us, Mom. We would have never gotten it done without you. You are indispensable.

Also, we have to say thanks to Mat's mom who made our bedding. We love it so much. Thank you for taking our ideas and making them happen.

So here it is. I sure hope the little girl likes it.




















a tribute to the author on her birthday

Hey y'all, this is Mat. I happen to be married to the author of this blog, and today is her birthday.

She is not one to talk about how awesome she is--and that happens to be one of her charms. Whitney is one of the most humble women I have ever met. She is a polymath, yet is extremely self-effacing when one tries to praise her for her abilities. Therefore, unbeknownst to her, I have decided to write a little tribute to her on her birthday. (If this posts to her Twitter account, it is not because she wanted everyone to see this post, but because she has the blogs set to automatically post to Twitter.)
Whitney has a wonderful sense of aesthetics that are windows into her understanding and love for the glory of God. From the way she dresses herself to the way she decorates our home, Whitney is able to make things look tasteful and beautiful. For that I am thankful, because I truly believe that God's order, majesty and beauty are reflected in the ways that we beautify the plots of the world He has given us stewardship over. This has most recently been revealed in the way she has decorated our unborn daughter's nursery. She did not require the most expensive things to put in there, but made the room beautiful with what we were generously given and what we can afford.
Whitney is loving and compassionate. Her love for animals is a window into her sweet and compassionate heart. She also has an unwavering love for her family. Furthermore, she already loves the daughter that we both longed and prayed for. She is a faithful and true friend to all those she loves and cares about. This is also a reflection of the work of God in her life. Her compassion and love stems from the love and compassion of our Father.
She does not realize this, but Whitney is also really funny. She cracks me up on a regular basis. In fact, she is just generally a joy to be around. She is fun and laid back, quick with opinions and a great conversationalist. Yet she is also able to be quiet and introspective (something I still find difficult to do!) when the time comes. She is wise and honest, yet always gracious with her most strongly held opinions and thoughts.
Yet she also has conviction and courage. She does not let others make her mind up for her when she believes in something. She is not afraid to stand on truth no matter who may stand against it.
If you read this blog, then know that you are reading the blog of a woman who has influenced me more than anyone else in the world. We have been some iteration of a couple for almost 4 years now, and they have been without a doubt the best of my life. Today, as Whitney celebrates her 25th birthday, I can honestly say that I can't wait for her 100th--and every day that lies in between. To my best friend, companion, sidekick, and wife: Happy Birthday! I love you!


ama-watts: 32 weeks baby peeks

Here are a few images from our 32 weeks 3D sonogram we had yesterday. I was so glad my mom got to be there. It was a special time for all three four of us. Mat, Mom, Ama-Watts and I were all very blessed to have this experience. Mom held my arm the entire time, and she teared up the first time we saw her little face on the screen.

At the bottom of the post, there are four videos of the sonogram in addition to the pictures.

If you look closely on the pictures, you'll see chubby cheeks, a darling nose that looks just like Mat's, pouty lips, and a sweet little left arm that is almost always on her forehead. Our favorite sonographer, Debbie, also told us that the little girl has lots of hair.

I couldn't love anything more.