Christmas Eve at home 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. Because it was Wattsie's first Christmas, we made great memories and started fun traditions with her. Since Christmas day fell on a Sunday, we stayed in Kentucky and left for Alabama after church. My mom came on Thursday before Christmas and stayed with us. She followed us home to Alabama on Christmas day.

The only Christmas decorations I got put up this year were our tree and our stockings. And without my mom's help, those wouldn't have even been put up! I am so thankful she was able to come and help me get the tree up. It's one of my favorite parts of Christmas.




Ama-Watts received several Baby's First Christmas ornaments this year, and I am so glad. This one came from a sweet church member.


And this one came from Ama-Watts' Mumsy...


Mat and I have matching stockings that we got the first year we were married. They are needlepoint, and although I can needlepoint, I just couldn't find it in me to make Ama-Watts a stocking this year. Mom found this stocking at TJ Maxx, and she thought it would do until we could find her a permanent stocking to "match" ours. (Update-- we did find her a stocking after Christmas, and although it's not needlepoint, it is cableknit and matches our perfectly!)


Mat, Mom, Ama-Watts and I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve night. We had Julia Child's bœuf bourguignon and mashed potatoes for dinner, and then we opened gifts.

Wattsie wore her Santa outfit for the festivities!




And she also slept through all the excitement...


Shamgar was very interested in the wrapping paper, as you can tell.


Wattsie got a few little things in her stocking, and she got some great gifts from her Mumsy, too. She is one blessed little baby girl!


Mat and I didn't get her a lot this year, because she has everything she needs, and we knew grandparents would spoil her rotten! Instead of giving her things she didn't really need, we bought her an ESV journaling Bible. I plan to use this as "my" Bible from now on-- I will write in it, take notes in it, and write down thoughts from her Daddy's sermons in it. Mat and I plan on giving it to her when she gets older. We hope she will cherish it.


We had a quiet, relaxing and blessed Christmas Eve at home this year, and for that, we are so thankful. We don't yet know if we are always going to be able to be at our home on Christmas Eve every year, so it was nice to be here this year for Wattsie's first Christmas.

Christmas Eve night, Mumsy slept on the big couch (even though there's a full-sized bed in the guest bedroom for her!), and I slept with Wattsie on the small couch. It is one of my favorite things to be able to sleep "under" the Christmas tree and its lights on Christmas Eve. Such sweet memories. It was a wonderful Christmas Eve!

More Christmas posts to come...

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