sick baby

Mat and I took Ama-Watts to the pediatrician yesterday. On Monday, she woke up extremely congested. I though it would get better as the day wore on, but it didn't, so we decided to take her.

Dr. Laney diagnosed Ama-Watts with an ear infection (her right ear) and a cold. They tested her for RSV, and thankfully she tested negative. Dr. Laney prescribed her amoxicillin, and he encouraged us to keep using saline drops in her little nose.

I think it's awful to be so small and be so sick. Poor thing. She doesn't act like her ear really bothers her, but she gets frustrated with not being able to breathe, I think. It's hard for her to breathe out of her nose at all, so it makes it especially hard for her to eat. She is sleeping a lot, especially during the day, which is very unusual for her. I feel just terrible, but I'm so glad we've got medicine for her, and hopefully she'll get better soon!


  1. Feel better Ama-Watts! Poor thing! She's lucky to have such wonderful parents!

  2. oh no! nothing worse than seeing your baby sick. prayers that she is well soon....not that you want advice from a complete stranger, but when my 16 month old was little and sick, we used to put her in her car seat and then put that in her crib or pack-n-play to sleep. her being more upright would help her breathe easier and help with drainage. take care of your sweet girl!