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Yes, I'm still here. The lack of posts has been because of a few things:

First being, I have had a horrible ear infection. My first ear infection, actually, and I pray it was my last. It started out and just what I assumed to be water stuck in my ear, but it's actually fluid in my inner ear. I also recently found out I have a deviated septum, too, which is nice. Oh, and also a random scar in my ear which the doctor thought was from where I had tubes put in. Problem is that I've never had tubes put in my ears...or any ear surgery for that matter. Weird, huh?



Second, I "lost" my camera charger for a few days. The Nikon holds a charge for quite some time, but eventually it ran out, and when it did, I couldn't find my charger anywhere. I ordered one from Amazon that doesn't work. You can imagine my disappointment. I thought I was going to have to go another week without my camera (while hoping Wattsie didn't say her first word or start walking before I could get my camera battery charged again-- haha). Turns out, I had left it at Mat's parents' house, and Valerie saved the day by mailing it as fast as she could. Thanks, Mom2!



So, that's where I've been. Sick and without a charge. But, I'm getting better, and my camera is fully charged!



Anyway, here's what's been going on at the Alexander house lately...

Mom, Papa and Mimi came to visit last weekend. Mom was out of school for Winter Break, so they stayed Friday through Tuesday. Unfortunately, I didn't have any camera battery while they were here, so no pics aside from the few that I took on my iPhone.




On Saturday night, they all babysat Watts while Mat and I went out for Valentines Day. We left the house around 3:30, and Mat took me to Walgreens to buy Swimmer's Ear (for my ear when I thought I had swimmer's ear) and Tylenol (romantic, I know!). After that, we rode around and looked at houses-- one of our favorite things to do. Then, we had dinner at Le Relais-- a French restaurant at Louisville's Bowman Field. After an AMAZING dinner we went to see "Iron Lady" at the theater. It was really good. Meryl Streep gets me every time. Love her.




While we were gone, Papa (affectionately called "Great") taught Watts how to "talk". He apparently spent most of the night with her laid down on the couch, and he just talked and talked to her. She now is a pro at oooooing and ahhhhing. It's the sweetest thing I have ever heard.


On Sunday, we all went to church together, and Wattsie slept from 11 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Crazy, huh? And that was after a great night's sleep. So proud. Such a big girl.

On Monday, Mumsy babysat again while Mat and I ran some errands. We got coffee, went to Target, bought Watts her Easter dress and some other things for this coming Christmas (sales!). It was nice to get out. We all watched the Grammys together Monday night (which were very disappointing except for Adele's performance and her clean sweep of awards).


They all left to go home on Tuesday morning, which was the low point of the whole trip!

One of the biggest things that happened while they were here was that Watts slept in her crib...all night! Three out of four of the nights they were here she slept in there all night. I was such a proud momma! The girl continues to amaze me. She's growing up so fast.


Also, Watts has officially outgrown her Puj tub, despite my insistence that she still fits in it. This picture proves otherwise...


Now, we're in our big girl tub (the one from the above photos), and she LOVES it! I think she loves sitting in the water (the Puj let water drain out, so she never really got to sit in "standing" water). She also loves her rubber ducky and the octopus that goes over the tub. I'm very thankful for a baby girl who loves bathtime!

So, that's what's been going on here. Wattsie has been so sweet and cooperative while I've been getting over my ear infection, and I think things are looking up from here! We've got some lunch dates planned soon, so it should be a good week for us.

Happy Monday!


  1. Whitney, This is Mrs. Hopkins. I don't know if you will remember me but I just discovered your blog. Love it! It is now in my favorites. Can't wait to read all of them.You look gorgeous and the baby is just beautiful (hubby doesn't look bad either ha)
    Charlotte Hopkins

  2. Just stumbled across your blog. Love it! Your baby is adorable! :)