a week in alabama

Saturday before last, we got a phone call from Mat's sister, Lenze, telling us that Mat's maternal grandfather had passed away. We packed up our bags and headed South for the week. We left Kentucky on Sunday afternoon after church.

We were on the road about 2 hours when our car broke down (like would not start at all) somewhere in Franklin, KY. We sat on the side of the road for an hour before a tow truck came to get us. Mat's dad got us a hotel in Franklin, and we waited on him to come and get us. I am so very thankful for my sweet father-in-law. I have no idea what we'd do without him. He made it to Franklin in two hours and forty minutes. Land flight. Ama-Watts loved her first ride in a tow truck...

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We left the hotel and went to eat. I also have to brag on my sweet baby girl. She literally did not cry at all during the entire fiasco. She let out one little peep while we were waiting on the side of the interstate on the tow truck, and she quickly fell right back asleep. She woke up in the hotel room and ate and watched "Pawn Stars" with us. She played a little, then fell asleep again when we got back on the road. She watched us while we ate and had a bottle at the restaurant, and then she slept the entire way to Alabama. Our baby is a champion. 





On Monday, we got up and had lunch with Mat's parents and Lenze at Dale's Bistro in Albertville. Fantastic food. Even more fantastic company.



Monday night was visitation. Ama-Watts did so great. Mat and I were so proud of her (again!). It was a sweet time of fellowship and visiting for people who came to honor Paw-Paw. 



On Tuesday, Mat preached Paw-Paw's funeral. He did such a wonderful job. He simultaneously honored his legacy, spoke of sweet memories, and reminded us all of the hope we have in Christ Jesus. We are so thankful for Paw-Paw and what he means to our family. He will be greatly missed.

We thank God for Paw-Paw and his life and legacy here on earth. We are confident that we will see him again someday, and we thank God that He chose to save him. We are praying that Granny will come to find herself and her life with a new normal, and we pray that the peace of Jesus will surround her every single day. We love you, Granny!

Aunt Cathy and Uncle Randall kept Ama-Watts while we were at the funeral. Aunt Cathy and Uncle Randall mean the world to me. This was the first time Wattsie has had a babysitter besides her Mumsy or Gran V. I knew she was in able hands! I wish so badly that I had gotten a photo, but we were in a rush when we dropped her off, and Mat and Chris picked her up (and picked Ama-Watts' cousin, Bryleigh, up, too!). They brought her back to FBC Boaz where several members had provided lunch for our family.

Tuesday night, we went to Papa and Mimi's to visit while Papa went to Lodge. Mom was there, too, and we had such a great time visiting. This little girl sure is loved over there!





On Wednesday, we hung around the house. Mat and Lenze went to eat with Chris, so Ama-Watts and I stayed at home with Gran V and Bryleigh. Sometimes, it's just good to stay in your pajamas all day at Gran V's house.

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On Thursday, Mat went to do homework at JaMoka's Coffee Shop. Valerie was at Granny's house, so Wattsie and I just hung out together while Lenze was in class. Mat, Lenze, Ama-Watts and I all went to eat and went grocery shopping later in the afternoon. That night, we cooked steaks for Mat's older sister, Kelly's birthday at the house.






On Friday morning, we drove to Huntsville for Wattsie's 3 month photos. I cannot say enough how much we love Erin Cobb! We can't wait to see all of the photos she made soon.

Friday night, Mat and I had dinner and Pop, Gran V and Mumsy all babysat Wattsie. She was well taken care of, for sure! Apparently, while we were gone, she had a 3 oz. bottle and then a 5 oz. bottle right after that. Considering she usually just drinks 3-4 oz. at a time, I'd say she was pretty hungry. She's a growing girl.

Saturday morning, we went to my Dad's house for breakfast. He made my favorite-- biscuits and gravy with bacon. We had fun hanging out with them for a few hours. Ama-Watts loves to go visit her GrandDanny!





Saturday night, we went to eat at the Rock House in Guntersville. Seriously one of the best meals I have had in a long time. I had pecan and panko encrusted chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. Out of this world yummy.

Sunday brought the longest day for us of the entire trip. We had church that morning, and Wattsie stayed in a church nursery for the first time ever. She did great! We ate with my mom and Mat's parents afterward. Mom and I then loaded up and headed to Ft. Payne for my cousin Meg's Around the House wedding shower. I cannot believe her wedding is just in a couple months. I love her so very much, and I can't wait to be a part of her special day. I know she'll be a beautiful bride!

Wattsie loved seeing her Aunt Morgan...



...and her cousin Ellie Parker!






We raced back from the shower to church that night. Mat preached at FBC Boaz, and I was about 5 minutes from being late for the service. Luckily, we made it on time. Wattsie enjoyed staying in the nursery again. After the service, we ate at the local Mexican restaurant with Mat's entire family and my mom. We love sweet time with our family. After dinner, we spent time at Mat's house just hanging out. We went through old photos using Chris' Apple TV. We laughed and laughed. I miss our family more than words can say.

On Monday morning, we headed out. Before we left, we went to visit Mat's paternal grandmother, Nanny. The Watts in Ama-Watts comes from Nanny-- it is her maiden name. She didn't get a chance to meet Ama-Watts while we were home for Christmas because Wattsie wasn't allowed "out" yet, so we had to take her by this time. Nanny knew who we were, and when we said, "This is Ama-Watts," she said, "Yes, but you call her Wattsie." She even said my name without Mat telling her who I was, so she was having a good day. She kept asking if she was a good baby and telling us that she was so pretty. Nanny would have loved Ama-Watts so much. We wish she could know her better.

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It's good to be home, but we really miss our family. I am so glad that Ama-Watts has such wonderful grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family that love her and pray for her every single day. We are blessed beyond reason! Thank you, Jesus, for the blessings of life.

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  1. That face just kills me - she's so very beautiful! I love all of the family pics! :-)