saturated with our family character

"There is something so nourishing about sharing your living space with people where they see your junk mail pile and pee wee football schedule on the fridge and pile of shoes by the front door. Opening your home says, 'You are welcome into my real life.' This square footage is where we laugh and hold family meetings and make homemade corndogs and work through meltdowns. Here is the railing our kids pulled out of the wall. This is the toilet paper we prefer. These are the pictures we frame, the books we're reading, the project we're undertaking-- the raw material of our family. It's unsanitized and truthful. We invite you into this initmate place, saturated with our family character."

-Jan Hatmaker on hospitality, "7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess"

*Side note-- this book is changing my life. From food to possessions to stress, Jen is hitting the nail on the head of my life, and I have been convicted in so many areas. Thank you, Jesus, for working through her.

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