baby must haves (newborn to 5 months)

My friend Jennifer blogs regularly about must haves for her two kids, C and J. And today, another friend who is expecting her first baby--a girl--later this year, text me about my must haves. So, I'm writing this post like I am talking to her. (Here you go, Juli!)

So, without further adieu, I present my (very long) list of must haves for newborns to five month olds...

Pottery Barn Stroller Blanket

We love this blanket. We have the cream colored one. It was a gift to us, and it was the only blanket we brought with us to the hospital. It is still AWA's favorite blanket. It's the softest blanket I've ever felt, and it washes great! It's not too big, and it's not too small-- it's perfect to put over AWA while she's in her car seat. This is the best blanket in the world.

Nap Nanny

Ama-Watts slept in the NN for her first week of life, and now she sits in it regularly. She loves to lounge in it, and it's nice to have somewhere for her to sit without her laying down flat. NN's are a bit expensive, but worth every penny. We also are currently using our NN to feed AWA her cereal in. Works like a charm.

Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag

This is the only diaper bag I've ever owned and used, so I might just be biased, but I love PPB diaper bags. This was a gift from my sweet college friends who hosted a shower for me. PPB bags hold up so well, and I really like that I can carry it as a backpack. It's hard enough having to push AWA in the stroller, and I hate putting the diaper bag in the stroller storage thingy, so it's so easy just to carry the bag as a backpack. There's also a great changing pad that velcros in, so it's super convenient to take out and wash when needed. I don't think my pattern is still available on the Pottery Barn Baby website, but I think PPB is releasing it soon. Mine is a chenille fabric, not the standard cotton-coated canvas.

Arm and Hammer diaper bag dispenser

I keep these in AWA's diaper bag. They're handy to have so I don't have to put a dirty diaper in a garbage can and stink up everything for people coming after us and so that if there's not a garbage can around (i.e.- if I am changing her in the back seat), I don't have to put a dirty diaper in my purse, or in the car, or in her diaper bag. Love these guys.

Hospital suckers (aka, nasal aspirators)

So here's the inside scoop-- you'll get several of these in little first aid kits and safety kits from Target or Wal-Mart or whatever at baby showers or as gifts. THROW THOSE AWAY. And be really, really sweet to your nurses at the hospital and ask for an extra one (or three like I did) of these from the hospital. You'll get one-- the one they use on your baby in the nursery, but ask for another one. The ones in the kits don't suck out anything. The hospital grade ones are the bomb. Trust me on this one. And don't microwave them. (I wouldn't even trust the link I put up there. GET THE ONES FROM THE HOSPITAL. I'm passionate about nasal aspirators.)

Medela Pump in Style Breastpump
I bought a less nice version of this pump and ended up having to up-grade. If you're breastfeeding, buy a good pump. It's worth the extra money. (All my breastfeeding necessities came from Medela. I love love love them!)

Sophie the Giraffe

Great toy/chew toy. The first toy AWA ever really played with and liked. We love all the Sophie line, but the original Sophie is our favorite.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym
AWA LOVES this activity mat. We are pretty big fans of anything Baby Einstein (including their cds and DVDs), and this mat is no exception. AWA plays longer on this mat than on anything else. We love it.


Could NOT do without my Boppy. If you're nursing, it's a must. I still use ours to this day.

Puj tub

We don't use the PUJ tub anymore, but it was so, so handy when AWA was a newborn. PUJ tubs fit in the sink, and it's such a great, hands-free way to wash your baby. Hands down, one of my favorite of my favorite things. I didn't think I needed one, but my mom insisted, and I am so glad. I love the PUJ!

Baby Tracker book

Using this book, I have literally every pee, poop, nap, sleep and feeding AWA ever had or did written down for the first three months of her life. While you're in the hospital, they'll record all of this lovely info for you, so it's easy just to stick with the habit when you get home. It's more necessary for breastfeeding moms so you can know how long it's been since baby has eaten and so that you can know baby is eating enough (by counting wet and dirty diapers). I really loved this little notebook.

Changing pad liners
These are just terrycloth pads that go over your changing pad. They are great for changing messy diapers on-- it's so much easier to wash the little waterproof pad than to wash the entire changing pad cover. We have several of these, and it's a good thing, because one or two of them are always in the wash.

Angel Deluxe Movement Monitor
We didn't splurge for the video monitor, so I can't speak to those, but we love this one. The flat part fits under the crib mattress and sets off an alarm if AWA stops breathing during the night. This give us great security as parents (helps prevent SIDS)-- especially because she's by herself in her crib. It of course, also lets us hear her and lets us see what temperature it is in her room.

Rabbit ears/ elephant ears

We used the little rabbit ear pillow above, but I have heard elephant ears work just as well. These little pillows are great for the newborn days when the pillow that comes with the car seat is just too big and doesn't offer enough support for those flimsy newborn heads! The brand of ours is Maison Chic, and we loved it! (AWA does not use it anymore-- she can use the one that came with the car seat now.)

Graco Spree Travel System Car Seat and Stroller
We love having a travel system, which basically means the car seat fits down in the stroller. It makes everything so, so easy! We love our Graco system, and we haven't had any problems with it at all! It's super easy to put together and to use every single day.

Ok...I think that's everything.

Oh, and I also want to add that we use diaper/burp cloths like crazy. We love those things. AWA was a spit-upper and is currently a slobber bucket, so these are great for us. We also love our wipe warmer. I read once that wipe warmers are an unnecessary baby need, but I totally disagree. We love not having to use cold wipes on AWA. Also, in AWA's diaper bag, I carry a "blow out kit"-- a gallon size ziplock bag with two burp cloths, a change of clothes for her (usually pajamas), and a diaper. If AWA has a blow out, I can use all the goodies inside the bag to take care of business then put all the dirty cloths in the ziplock bag to be taken home and washed in OXYclean. Which leads me to my next necessity: OXYclean. Buy it, and buy a lot of it. AWA's clothes are soaked in it every time she leaks out or gets her clothes dirty. The stuff works miracles! (You can soak the clothes in the sink with it or use it in the washing machine along with Dreft- the most magical smelling detergent in the world.) Also, we keep a CD player under AWA's crib with a Baby Einstein CD playing on repeat on all the time. We keep it low, but loud enough so that she can hear it in her crib. We've found it soothes her and keeps her company during those long nights in her crib. :)

I asked Mat what he thought about the list. I said, "What are things that as you think back over AWA's little life do you think, 'We couldn't have made it without that...?'"

He said, "Diapers and you." Haha.

And yes, diapers and mommas are very, very good things for baby.

And in case you're wondering, we use Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers. LOVE them.

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