smorgasbord [including meg's wedding]

Get ready for a long post with lots of photos. I have much catching up to do. Here's what's been happening in our lives lately...

Ama-Watts has discovered that she hates the wind...and sunshine. One crazy lady at the mall the other day said, "Wow. He [a common misconception when it comes to my daughter, who is usually dressed in pink!] is so light." I replied with a thank you because I thought she said "bright." Nope. She then proceeded to ask me if his father was very white. I replied no, realizing that she just called my five month old baby pasty. Sheesh, people. She's five months old! Is she supposed to have a good tan?!?

Ahem. Anyway...This photo cracks me up.


This past weekend, we traveled to Auburn, AL, for my sweet cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony despite the rain, and Meg (my cousin) looked absolutely stunning. We are so happy to have Weston in our family now!

The ride down to Auburn was long; Ama-Watts has recently decided that she hates her car seat. She has this "scream/yell" thing she does, and while it's really adorable, it's hard listening to her scream when I know she just wants out of her car seat.

But she's precious anyway...


She's fine when we make pit stops, and I get her out of her seat. She loves it!


We arrived in Auburn late, late, late Thursday night; it was after midnight when we finally got into our hotel room. AWA did pretty good, though-- she fell asleep right about Birmingham, and she slept until we got to Auburn. She slept in a pack and play in the hotel, and I put her in the bed with us when I woke up. A couple of minutes later, this is what I found...



We got ready quickly, and Mom, AWA, Lauren (my brother's fiance) and I headed out to the bridesmaids' luncheon. AWA borrowed her cousin Ellie Parker's umbrella stroller, and I think she liked it.


We had so much fun at the bridesmaids' luncheon, which was held at Ariccia-- an Italian restaurant located in The Hotel at Auburn University. It was so, so good. Ellie Parker and her friend Claire Grace (who was also a flower girl in Meg's wedding) kept us entertained during lunch. I feel awful that I didn't get a photo of the two of them together!





My cousin-- the beautiful bride!-- and I at the luncheon...


After the luncheon, a few of us went over to Meg's to help out with last minute wedding prep. Mat picked me up at Meg's house, and AWA and I went back to the hotel for a little R&R before the rehearsal.

Meg and Weston's wedding was held at the Reserve at Oak Bowery located right outside Auburn. Oak Bowery was amazingly beautiful. It was a perfect spot for Meg's southern wedding.

MCA and I after rehearsal... (He's a pretty cute guy.)



The rehearsal dinner was at Amsterdam's in Auburn. Deborah, Weston's mom, had the place decorated with lots of photos of Meg and Weston from their dating years. This one's my fave... (You'd have to know my crazy cousin and her even crazier boyfriend/fiance/husband to understand this photo. Nutcases.)



Not the best photo quality, but I love the subjects, so I had to include it...


We woke up early on Saturday morning to head out to the Bowery. Ellie P and AWA had on matching monograms. Those two love my mom so much!


My cousin did not miss a single detail in planning the decorating for her wedding.


**Confession-- I was too busy with my own child and with being a bridesmaid that I only got one photo at the wedding, but I want to share how beautiful everything was, so I stole some photos from Meg's facebook. (All of the images are from Rachel Jeanette Manning or Tabitha Greenwood.)









This was the only photo I made that night...


Meg was a STUNNING bride. It did end up raining before the ceremony began, but the rain held off for photos and long enough for us to have the ceremony and some of the reception outside. It started raining again about an hour after the ceremony, but Oak Bowery has a "party barn" that everyone crowded into, and it was a blast! The band played and entertained, and even though we had to leave early because AWA was beat, I heard that Ellie Parker put on quite a dance show for everyone during the reception. I hate we missed it!

Everything looked absolutely perfect, and I cannot imagine a more beautiful ceremony, reception or wedding that I've ever been to. Meg and Weston, thank you for including me as a bridesmaid and for giving Mat the honor of marrying you two. We love you both so very, very much, and we pray God's richest blessings on you as you begin your lives together!

As a side note-- Meg was actually on "Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta" earlier this year, but the dress she picked out that day didn't work, so she got a new dress earlier this year, too. SYTTD actually came and filmed her getting ready and filmed the ceremony and reception, so be on the lookout for Meg to be on tv again soon!

Sunday was my very first Mother's Day, and Mat and my sweet little girl gave me this...


I had asked for a tea cup and saucer once before, and Mat came through with this beautiful thing. I cherish it so much!

We made a stop in Boaz on our way back through to Kentucky to see Mat's mom on Mother's Day. We even got the chance to see our nephew Ethan play a little baseball Monday night...


We had a leisurely drive back to Kentucky on Tuesday. AWA did so good. We stopped in Nashville to walk around a little, and I think that helped her out a lot!


Since we've been home, AWA and I have just been hanging out and enjoying Daddy's company now that he is finished with school for the semester.

AWA is such a goof ball these days...



We also took a walk in the park on Wednesday. Louisville has such amazing parks, and we don't take advantage of them enough. I think AWA loved it!


Today, we rode into town for Mat to have a suit altered for another wedding he is performing next weekend in Mobile. We are so excited to get to go "home" to Mobile for the weekend, and Adam and Maggie's wedding is just icing on the cake!

We had lunch at Zoe's, and then we got some frozen yogurt. AWA had milk and played with her Bla Bla rattle. It was a good day!






We've been so busy lately, but isn't May always busy?! I'm off to enjoy Saturday night with my sweet little family. Happy weekend!

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