so much [including adam and maggie's wedding]

**Beware-- this post is long and has lots of pictures and even more words. You've been warned. :)

I have so much to write about that I don't even know where to begin...


First off, we traveled this past weekend to Mobile, AL, for our sweet friends', Adam and Maggie Tait's, wedding. We made the drive in one day, but we picked up Mumsy in Birmingham, so AWA was so happy to have a travel buddy in the back with her. She did great on the entire ride despite her momma forgetting her frozen bottles at home and us having to ration bottles on the drive.


We got into Mobile around 6:30 p.m. We took Ama-Watts to see Daddy's alma mater. I think she liked it, and we were reminded just how hot it is down South.




We also arrived just in time to have some seafood for dinner. All was right in the world again after our meal.



We rode by our old house on Brentwood Lane-- it looks exactly the same, and I wouldn't have it any other way!


On Friday morning, we woke up and headed to Dauphin Way Baptist Church (where we were on staff when we were first married) to visit the staff. We had a blast seeing everyone, and all the ladies had so much fun loving on AWA. We miss D-Way so much, so it was great to step back into the office for a bit and see everyone.


We had lunch with Adam Tait-- the groom-- at Ashland Midtown Pub, which is home to the absolute best bread pudding in the world. I kid you not. I had lasagna, and it's pretty amazing, too. Check it out if you're ever in the area.




We did a little browsing in our favorite stores in Mobile. Mat had to stop by McCoy, and AWA picked out a kayak that is now on her Christmas list.




The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were that night. AWA stayed behind with Mumsy at the river house where we were staying for the weekend. The rehearsal dinner was also held at the river house, so AWA got to make an appearance, too.


We got up early on Saturday morning, and I spent some q.t. with my little girl in the bed. Then, Mumsy and I spent some time to spend with AWA down by the river.



The wedding was Saturday, and it was a beautiful (if I do say so myself) ceremony performed by my husband. Maggie looked so stunning, and it was just a sweet, sweet time of fellowship and worship. We got to see so many great friends at the wedding. It was a reunion, for sure!


I mean seriously-- how cute is this photo? My daughter is adorable and Maggie is just too cute. I just love both these gals.



Mat has been friends with Adam since he first came to D-Way, and Maggie actually became a Christian in our college ministry in 2009. This couple means the world to Mat and I, and we couldn't love them more! We cannot wait to see what God does through their lives. Congrats, Taits!! We love you both!

Sunday morning, we went to church at Dauphin Way, of course, and Mrs. Amy Kendall kept AWA in the nursery. We are so thankful for godly, precious friends in Mobile who love our little girl already! I'm pretty sure AWA had a blast with Mrs. Amy! Thanks for keeping her, Amy!




We spent Memorial Day in Boaz with Mat's family for our nephew, Aaron's birthday. AWA had a ride in the teryx with her parents.


She also had her first real taste of baby food-- I made her a sweet potato, and she loved it!



We're home now, but we had a great weekend spent with family and friends. AWA now has two teeth, and it seems like time just flies every single day. I can't believe she'll be 6 months old on Friday!

She can also now sit in a high chair at restaurants... (including a pic from Milo's in Birmingham where she had a taste of the inside of Mumsy's french fry)



Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hey Whitney,

    I enjoyed reading this blog entry and looking at all the pictures. You and Mat look great and your baby girl is precious. I am happy you are doing so well. Just wanted to say 'hi' and would love to see you sometime when you visit again.

    Love ya,