lemonade ice cream

Last night, I made a batch of lemonade ice cream for Mat and I to enjoy after dinner. It was delicious and so easy, so I though I'd share the recipe with you...

We used 1 tub of Blue Bell Light Homemade Vanilla ice cream (half gallon tub) and 1 can of Minute Maid Premium frozen lemonade concentrate.

Mat brought home groceries yesterday (thanks, babe!), and both the ice cream and the concentrate were melted perfectly when he got home. I dumped the ice cream into a bowl and added half a can of the melted lemonade concentrate. I mixed it up, and tasted the mixture. I ended up adding just about all of the concentrate to the ice cream, but you can taste and add enough to your liking.

I put the ice cream mixture back into the freezer to harden just a bit, and we both enjoyed a bowl after dinner. Perfect summer treat!

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