our new home

Mat, Wattsie and I moved into our new home in Gadsden on July 3. We searched and searched for the perfect home for us here, and we are pretty sure we found it! We love our new little house, and it couldn't fit our family any better.


We've done a few small projects, but our house was pretty much move-in ready. We've painted the kitchen and Wattsie's nursery, and we are in the process of choosing paint colors for the rest of the house.

The kitchen was a deep, orangey-red when we moved it. I've always wanted a white kitchen, so we painted the kitchen "Acadia White" by Benjamin Moore per the recommendation of Lindsay Bierman from Southern Living in one of the issues from this summer. He said it was the perfect white, and I'm convinced he was right.


My kitchen cabinets are beautiful, and even thought I'd prefer rosemary-colored cabinets, I couldn't think of painting our custom cabinets. (More pics of the cabinets and kitchen later. We are currently trying to decide on tile and tile backsplash for the kitchen to replace some tiles in the kitchen now. And to be honest, I'm too lazy to clean up my kitchen in order to make a photo of the finished color.)

Another project that I've done is painting stripes in my hallway. I used this photo from Emily A. Clark as my inspiration:

Here was the hallway before...

...and here it is during the taping process (which took me forever!).

...and here it is after.

(Sorry the photos aren't that great-- I've lost my big camera charger again, and I'm on reserve battery!)

Unfortunately, I ran out of paint, so I have to go and paint the very top stripe when I can get some more. But, it's pretty much "finished", and we love how it looks.

Painting stripes is hard, but the finished project is so rewarding. In fact, this photo from Southern Proper really makes me want to paint vertical black and white stripes in Wattsie's bathroom...

But I'm pretty sure we'll be going with this wallpaper, which I've always adored for Wattsie's bathroom...

Scalamandre's Zebra wallpaper in Masai Red.

You might recognize the wallpaper if you're a Wes Anderson film fanatic like Mat and I are... (please excuse Margot Tenenbaum for smoking on my blog.)

Anyway, we still have lots of cosmetic fixes to do, but we are so happy with our home. The Lord has certainly blessed us with a wonderful place to live, and we are so grateful. Gadsden has become very much "home" to us, and we really, really love living here.

Happy Tuesday!

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