you're seven months old, wattsie!

Happy seven months old, my big, big girl!


You have grown and changed so much over the past month. I don't even know where to begin!

We didn't visit the pediatrician this month (in fact, we won't go again until you're 9 months old), so I have no idea how much you weigh or how tall you are now. But, I'm confident you've grown, and I'm confident you will continue to do so beautifully, as you have already.


You are alert and so playful these days. You love toys, iPhones, paper and pretty much anything you can grab at and pick up. You love to look at my iPhone, but you really love to chew on it.

You've gotten pretty good at waving, too. Anytime we wave at you, you are usually willing and able to wave back. It pretty much is more than I can handle.


You have been a world-class traveler lately, too. We've drug you all over the eastern part of the United States this month. This past month, we drove to Gadsden and back to Louisville a couple times, and then we took a big trip to Uncle Gunter and Aunt Lauren's wedding in Cape May, New Jersey. (Blog post coming soon!)

I was literally worried sick about traveling in the car with you for 14+ hours, but you were an absolute champ! We left on a Wednesday to drive up there, and you were so good in the car. We watched "Baby Einsteins" on Daddy's laptop (you love, love, love Baby Einsteins!) and on Momma's phone. They are your absolute favorites! We stopped a couple times to nurse you, but you didn't cry a bit. We spent the night in Philadelphia, and we spent some time touring Philly before we headed up to Cape May on Thursday afternoon (again, I'll blog about that soon, too!). On the way home from Gunter and LO's wedding, we drove straight from NJ to Alabama, and you were perfect! I couldn't believe how well you handled the drive. You cried once for a bottle, but didn't make a peep the rest of the way. In fact, you slept most of the drive. You also handled being in NJ very well. You are such a good baby. Daddy and Momma sure are blessed!!


You are nursing for about 10-30 minutes at a time about 6 times a day now. You eat three "big girl" meals a day, too-- breakfast, lunch and dinner. We feed you organic baby food or just mashed up food that we eat. It is so convenient for us to be able to order you real food at restaurants. Your favorite food in the world is guacamole from Chuy's-- you are truly a girl after my own heart!


We still have the same bedtime routine-- we try to bathe you around 7:30 p.m., then you nurse and go right to sleep. We have also started putting you to bed awake some, too, and you usually have no problem falling asleep unless you are really exhausted. I think you get frustrated and have a hard time falling asleep if you are too tired.

Since we've been in our new house (yet another blog post I'll do soon!), you have started letting me rock you, and it just melts my heart. I love to rock you and kiss your little sweaty head while we rock. It's some of my favorite time with you.


You've had lots and lots of "firsts" this past month, too. While we were in NJ, you got to swim in the swimming pool for the first time. You LOVED it! Yet again, even though you don't look a thing like your momma, I know you're mine because of things you love. You love the water just like me!


You went with Momma, Daddy and Aunt Lindsey Poenie to the Farmer's Market in Louisville. You loved it, too. You are such a big girl in your stroller now, and you love to people watch.



You've really got the hang of sitting up now, too. You're not quite ready to crawl just yet, but I know you'll get there soon enough! You really love to sit up and play with toys. You think you're so big! Daddy always says you look so grown up when you are sitting up. I agree. (Don't grow up, ok? Stay my baby forever.)




You still wear basically the same size clothes-- anything from 6-9 months in most things. You do wear 9 months pajamas, and your smocked dresses are anywhere from 3-12 months. You still wear a size 3 diaper.







Amalou, you are an absolute doll to me. I am just absolutely crazy about you! Your daddy and I are so proud of you already, and we are so, so very thankful we get to call you ours!!

We pray for you every single day, and I thank God for you every single day.

I love you more than you'll ever know, little girl. You are precious to me.


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