you're eight months old, wattsie!


Little girl, you are eight months old! I know I say it every month, but you are getting closer and closer to being one year old, and that's just really hard for me to believe!




We didn't visit the pediatrician this month, so I do not know how tall you are or how much you weigh. I know you are growing up, though.



You are wearing anywhere from 6-12 months clothes, but mainly 9 months. You wear a size 3 diaper.

You still have the same sleeping habits. We give you a bath around 7:00, and you are usually asleep by 7:30. You usually sleep through the night until 6:00, and you nurse and go back to sleep for about an hour and a half or so.



You are eating baby food three times a day (8:30 a.m., 12:00 p.m., and 5:30 p.m.), and you usually nurse for 10-15 minutes about 6 times a day.

This past month, Gran V and Mumsy both stayed with you on separate occasions when it was your bedtime, and you went to sleep with a bottle without having to nurse. This gives your momma a lot more freedom to do things at night now that I know you can fall asleep without me.



You are still waving all the time. You love to smile and you love to be picked up. You have started reaching for people when they ask if you want to be picked up, and it just about melts my heart when you hold your two little arms up at me.


This past week, you started clapping your hands, and it's the cutest thing in the world!

You love to give "sugar" to anyone that asks you to. Your little wet kisses absolutely make my day!

We went to the beach during your eighth month, and you did fantastic. You slept in your pack and play in Momma and Daddy's room. You loved the beach-- especially taking naps on the beach-- but your favorite thing was to swim in the swimming pool. You are such a water bug, and you loved relaxing in the swimming pool.



You have adjusted to life in Gadsden so well. You love our new house (especially our hardwood floors-- you love to run and walk around in your walker!). We are so thankful that the move and all the new changes have been an easy adjustment for you.

I thought you were getting some new teeth, but none have poked through just yet.


You are able to go from a sitting up position to a "crawling" position, but you don't like to get up on your knees. You don't show much interest in crawling, so I think it may be a while before you crawl, which is fine by me! I like picking you up pretty well. :)


Your hair has gotten longer, and your little face has thinned out a lot over the past month. You are growing and changing every single day, and you have become a lot more independent.



You are such a blessing to your Daddy and me. We love you so very much, and we are so proud of you!

I am crazy about you, Watts. I love you so, so much.


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  1. She's so big and as adorable as ever! Also, love that cute little yellow chair. :)