you're ten months old, wattsie!

Happy 10 months birthday, sweet girl! You've officially reached double-digits in your birthday months. What a big, big girl you are!



As evidenced by these photos, you are a wiggle worm, and you do not like to sit these days. You'd much rather stand. Therefore, our little photo shoot this month was very difficult for me! (Please excuse the absolute awfulness of the quality of these pictures. It's hard to set your camera's settings when you have a baby who likes to dive face-first off of the rocking chair. I did the best I could.)

You crack me up, little mover!

We did not have to visit the doctor this month for a check-up, but I know you have grown even since we visited the pediatrician for your nine months check-up on September 19th. At that appointment, you were 21 lbs., 13 oz. (between 75 and 90th percentile) and were 28 1/2 inches tall (between 50 and 75th percentile).



You are eating pretty much everything (except peanut butter and meat). We feed you meals three times per day, and you nurse generally 5 times per day for about 15 minutes.

You have gotten pretty good at army crawling, but you love to "stand up" (with someone holding your hands) more than anything. You love to "be a big girl" and let someone help you walk around.



On September 29th, you got your top left central incisor, and a day later on the 30th, you got your top right central incisor. You didn't have a terrible time teething, but we could sense some discomfort sometimes.

Also, on September 28th, you went from laying flat on your tummy to sitting up for the first time at Gran V and Pop's. Such a big girl!



I absolutely love it when you hug your stuffed animals. Lately, you've been loving your Brooks Brothers pink and white lamb that your daddy bought you before you were born. You get so excited when we show it to you, and you love to grab it and give it a good squeeze.

You love your bath time, and you love to splash the water. You also like to drink water out of your rinsing cup in the bathtub. You love to play with your water books while you are sitting in the bath.



Recently, you have decided that you don't like to lay on your back and have your diaper changed, which makes for some pretty tough diaper changes for your momma and daddy. You love to flip over on your changing table. You're quite the contortionist!

You love to run around in your walker, and you are not a huge fan of your jumper these days. Although, if I can't get you to nap by rocking you when you're tired, I can always put you in it, and you fall fast asleep.




You're favorite word is definitely "Dada," and you will most always say it on command. But, when I ask you to say "Mama," you usually respond with "Dada," too. Breaks my heart. ;)

You are growing and changing every single day. Your daddy and I are so very proud of you, and we love you so very much.




I am absolutely drunk in love with you, little girl. You are absolute joy to me.

I love you, sweet thing.


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