wattsie-isms, version 2

It's been quite a while since I blogged about my spunky two year old's funny sayings and phrases, so while my Christmas photos are being uploaded and touched up, I thought I needed to record some before I forgot them.

Watts has never been too keen on calling me Mom or Mommy or even Momma. She's never called me anything close to those names. From the beginning, Mickey Mouse was "Mauw", but now he's simply "Mouse", and I have been given the name "Mauw." I love it. I embrace it.

Sometimes, Watts won't be able to find me in the house, and I'll hear her little raspy voice say, "Mauwwwww, where are ewwww?" Makes my heart flitter. And then sometimes, I'll call her from another room, and I'll hear the pit-patter of little feet as she comes running to where I am as she says, "Mauwwww, I right here!" And if it's been a bit since I've seen her, or if Mat brings her and puts her in the bed with me in the mornings, she'll say, "Hi, Mauw. What doin'?"

Just a few weeks ago, she finally caught on to the concept of the moon. And now, anytime we are outside when it's dark, she loves to look up in the sky, point and say, "Meeeeuuuun!!!" And it's not all of the time the moon that she sees; anything that's in the sky can be the moon: a start, a light on a light pole, a light on a sign...anything that's lit up.

We just had Christmas, and Watts loved, loved, loved to open presents. She called them "pesants", and she also learned about Santa Claus, whom she affectionately calls "Santy Claws." She even saw him in a store front this morning and said, "Wow! Santy Claws!"

And speaking of Christmas, we took her to ride the Christmas train at Noccalula Falls a few weeks ago. She had the best time! She loves to talk about the choo! choo! And since we can hear the whistle from the house, she loves to listen for it when we are out side. Here's her saying "choo-choo!" while we were waiting to ride the train at Noccalula...

My mom had her outside playing with her the other day, and a loud car drove by. Watts put her hands to her ears, and she said, "Ohh! The noise!!!"

Also, a few weeks ago, my mom was here at our house, and she was leaving. Watts saw that she was forgetting her phone on the table, and she picked it up and ran it over to her and said, "Here, Muss-see. Don't forget phone!" And speaking of Mumsy, she says my mom's name so, so cute. She loves to talk about and go see her "Muss-see." She says it too, too cute. Listen for yourself!

Ama-Watts also has a special way of telling us no or letting us know she doesn't want something. Instead of saying "No," she says, "NOOOOTE!" She has also come to learn about riding horsey and tickling people. She always wants to ride "haussy" and "tick tick" you.

AWA will spill something in the floor, and then look at me and say, "A mess! A mess! I made a, made a mess!" I caught a little bit of it on video...

For her birthday, she requested simply "fried fish" for lunch. We took her to Top O' the River for lunch, and she had a blast quacking at the ducks...

I also taught her how to sing "Happy Birthday" during her birthday month. One night on the way home from church, I recorder her singing it. I love how she wishes me a Happy Birthday during her song, too. Sweet girl.

Watts loves both dogs and cats. She loves to see cats out and about, and she always exclaims, "kitty cat!" In fact, she went with Mom to see Papa in rehab yesterday, and she remembered there being a cat there from the last time she was there in October to see Mimi there. Smart girl! She loves Gran V and Pop's dog, Luci, too. She loves to hold her and call her. She'll say, "Woooo-she! Woooo-she!"

We always go the back way to see Gran V and Pop at their house, and Watts knows that when we go that way, we are going to see them. About 1/2 mile down the road, she'll start yelling for "Gran V Pop!" She loves to go see them. When she is just talking about Pop, she calls him "A-Pop!"

She has started learning about ways we go other places, too. One day two weeks ago, the babies and I were headed to Winn Dixie, and I passed the road I normally turn on to go to the church. She got all upset and started pointing back to that road and was yelling "Da-eee! Da-eee! (Daddy!)" So I had to turn around so we could go see Daddy at work at the church. Smart girl.

During football season, I had to keep instilling in her a love for all things Roll Tide, so of course I taught her how to say it. This was my favorite attempt she made...

And not only am I instilling in her a love for football and Alabama, but a love for Republican politics as well. One night, I was talking to her about Ronald Reagan, and she wanted to tell him hi.

Anytime Watts wants more of something, she says, "Muss. Muss!" She loves to ask you to "oten" (open) things for her, too. She calls yogurt "juicy" and loves to eat chips. During Halloween, she loved to point out "punkins" to us. When she is about to do something, she'll say, "Here dos!"

She enjoys running around our coffee table (or anything she can run around) and say, "Round and round!!!" In the bathtub, she loves to lay on her stomach and say, "I schwim! I schwim!" Her favorite outfit is a diaper and shoes, and usually her Doc McStuffins stethoscope so she can give check-ups on demand all day long. She loves to sing the "I Feel Better" song from Doc McStuffins by singing, "I better! All better!"

She always watches tv in her PB Anywhere chair at the end of the coffee table. It's her favorite place on earth, and Ford has taken up residence beside her in his NapNanny. Watts loves going night-night, and she will grab her milk right up and head to bed-- 99% of the time with no questions asked. She loves her Lambie, her blanket, and her crib.

She can count to 14 or so, and she loves to help you sing ABCs. My favorite part is when she says, "L,M,O, Peeeeee!"

And finally, anytime she tells someone bye (or "bye-eeee!"), she will touch her hand to her mouth and make an "Mmmmm" sound like she's giving a kiss, but she'll never actually give you a kiss. Silly girl.

We love our spunky little girl. She's so much fun and brings so much joy to our every day lives!


you're five months old, ford!

You're five months old, Ford! How did my tiny, tiny newborn little boy become so big just overnight?!?

We didn't go to the doctor this month, so I don't have much of a physical update on your weight and height. But, you are growing, growing! I can tell just by looking at you. You have gotten so long, and your little legs aren't so little anymore. You're such a big boy now!

You are not nursing as much anymore. You like your bottle too much, and I have come to terms with it. I'm ok with it, in fact. It gives us much more freedom and flexibility. I do wish you were a good nurser like your big sister was, but you aren't, and that's ok. You are growing, and you are healthy, and that's what matters most!

You wear size 6-9 months clothes and size 2 diapers. Your legs are so chunky, and you have double knees or "Nanny knees" as the Alexanders call them. You have the sweetest little dimple in your cheek when you smile, and it melts my heart.

You are still such a smiley little guy, even though you are going through a terrible time trying to cut some teeth. It seems like you've been teething forever. And I am more than ready for those little teeth to poke through those gums to give us BOTH some relief. But you're so sweet and so kissable.

You are rolling over (from back to front) so well these days, and anytime I put you down, you roll almost immediately, but then you get so mad when you're on your belly. You HATE it, and you will cry and cry until someone comes and rolls you back on your back again.

You love to chew on toys and hands-- especially your own. Again, I think it's those teeth.

You take a bottle every 3 or so hours. You are content to sit and watch what's going on around you until you get sleepy, then it's game over. You are so, so fussy when you are sleepy. And I don't blame you one little bit. You sleep ok during the day, but any little noise wakes you up, which is frustrating for you, I'm sure. But you are sleeping pretty well during the night these days.

As of two nights ago (as I'm writing this on the18th of December), you were still sleeping beside our bed in your Nap Nanny, but one night we woke up and you had rolled over onto your belly, so last night, you went in your crib for the night. You nursed, and I put you down in your crib. You stay asleep and slept until 1:30a I fed you a bottle, then you went right back to sleep until 7:45a this morning. Needless to say, your daddy and I were thrilled. Hopefully, you will grow to love your crib as much as your big sister does!

Ford, we love you so much. You are just the sweetest baby. Your momma loves you to the moon and back, little guy. Happy five months!


watts' 2nd birthday

We threw Ama-Watts a "kid party" at the church on Dec. 7. Because of how much she loves Mickey Mouse, we did a Mickey Mouse theme, and I think she adored it!

We had just a few snacks, a bounce house, and a visit from a special someone from the Clubhouse, and good times were had by all.

Note: there are an embarrassing amounts of photos here, but you only turn 2 once, right?

We were able to invite a lot of the kids from our church. We were so thrilled that many of them were able to come! I love that Watts has such sweet friends at church that she can grow up with. Such a blessing!

I have to brag on my husband for a little while-- he helped me make a lot of the decorations. While he's not the craftiest man on the planet, he was so patient and kind with me while I got so much ready during one of our regular Thursday night date nights. I am so thankful to be married to a guy who will sacrifice a date night with his wife to help her get ready for their little girl's party. And he was just too sweet about it, too. Thanks, Matty!

A girl from here in Gadsden made our cookies. They were delicious and just too cute! We gave these out for party favors, along with some bubbles, candy and Mickey Mouse confetti.

Since we had the party in the Family Life Center at our church, we were able to let all the kids play with a lot of fun things. We had bouncy balls, hula hoops, jungle gyms and basketballs out for them to play with. They had a ball...especially Watts, who loves to play with other kids.

Watts and Bryleigh are BFF when they are together. Bryleigh loves to tell Watts what to do, but bless her heart, Watts has her own mind, and sometimes, she won't comply with poor Bry's wishes!

We decided to let Mickey Mouse make his big appearance in the middle of the party. Watts was really excited at first to see him, but she wouldn't go near him without me holding her. She smiled and smiled and pointed at him, but wouldn't let him touch her at all! Bryleigh yelled "Mickey Mouse!" as soon as she saw him come in the gym.

Thanks to Lenze's roommate for playing the part of Mickey Mouse so well!

Sweet Ford did so great during the party. He was held the whole time, so he obviously had a great time!

Our family photo. Mouse had to be included, because Mouse is a regular part of our every day lives around here!

Watts wasn't too sure about everyone singing Happy Birthday to her. She made the funniest faces while we were singing. She wasn't really interested in eating her cupcake (or anything for that matter), but she did enjoy a nice cup of juice during her play break.

I had no choice but to schedule the party right smack dab in the middle of the SEC Championship Game time, so we had a TV playing the game in the middle of the party room. My family (along with my father in law), got to watch the game AND enjoy the party. It was a win-win for everyone involved!

When you are two years old, you don't understand that you have a momma that thinks pictures are important, so you cry when you have to stop playing and have your photo taken. Thus resulting in the best photo of the three of us during her party...You'll thank me later, Wattsie.

We had a ball at Ama-Watts' second birthday party. It was so much fun, and Mat and I are blessed to be the parents of such a great, big two year old little girl!


Photos: my own and Michael Ray Photo, Gadsden, AL (and one Instagram from my sister-in-law, Lenze)
Venue: FBC Gadsden
Watts' outfit: Zuccini dress, applique and monogram by Bocksteens, Albertville, AL
Cupcakes: Publix, Rome, GA
Invitation: Some shop on Etsy that I cannot find now :(
 Bounce House: Tent Tech, Albertville, AL
Mickey Mouse costume: The Bridal Garden, Southside, AL
Mickey Mouse cookies: Cookies by Allison Hathcock