you're 12 months old, wattsie!

(Actually, Wattsie, you are 13 months and 11 days, but your momma has been busy, busy, so we are going to pretend that you are 12 months old, ok?)



My sweet, sweet little girl,

That, my dear, is exactly what you are...a little girl. And somehow, it happened overnight. It absolutely breaks your momma's heart, but I look at you, and I could burst with pride and joy.

You are so very beautiful and dainty. Your little pouty lips get me every. single. time. You have little curls on the back of your head. Your little hands are so delicate and so very sweet. Your smile melts me to my core.


You have started walking this month. You are getting very good at it. You still have trouble, and you walk very carefully and slowly, but you're getting better and better.

You weigh about 23 pounds and you are 31 inches tall. You are tall, tall, tall, just like your daddy.


You are growing and changing every single day. Your new thing is how everything is a "phone"-- a remote, a bottle of lotion, a hairbrush-- everything is a phone, and you will talk and talk on it. You stood at the Christmas tree just the other day on an actual iPhone and you gently stroked ornaments and the branches while you talked and talked to whoever you were talking to. Precious.

You are a big time momma's girl, but only when Pop, Gran V or Mumsy isn't around. There's no doubt in the world that besides your daddy and me, they are your three favorite people ever. You have always loved your Mumsy and Gran V, but you have become a BIG TIME Pop's girl overnight, and it couldn't make me (a Papa's girl, myself) any more proud. I love how much you love him.

Christmas has been so special this year. You've helped me wrap packages and hang ornaments on the tree. You love to look at your little tree in your room, too. It makes your little world much brighter, I think.


You are completely weaned (as of Dec. 23), and while it's sad in and of itself, I am happy that we are transitioning on into the next stage of your life. I was ready, and so were you. Overall, you were nursed every single day of your life for one year and 22 days. A pretty solid track record, you and I have. :) You love, love, love warm cow's milk, so that made the weaning easier.

You are still sleeping through the night, though usually only 11 hours now (and not 12). Still, pretty good. No complaints here.

You love food, and you are such a good eater. That makes me especially happy. There's not a lot that you aren't a fan of, so it makes meal time much easier on me.


My sweet girl, I can't believe you are one. I cannot believe it. You are so very special to your daddy and me. We love you so much, and we are so proud of you.

It's been the privilege of my lifetime to watch you grow up. It is my honor and my highest calling to be your mother and your daddy's wife, and I thank the Lord for sending both of you to me. What grace to me from Him. What great grace!

I love you, sweet Amalou Watts. I love you so much. Happy birthday, pretty girl. And even though you are a little girl now, you'll always and forever be my little baby...my firstborn. Thank you for making me a mommy.

You are my heart, little one.


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