awa visits birdwell island

Lately, Ama-Watts has been obsessed with Clifford the Big Red Dog. We DVR episodes for her, and she loves to watch them. I heard that a Clifford exhibit was coming to the McWane Center in Birmingham, so Mom and I took AWA to see it on Valentine's Day. She had a blast!


...and we shall call him Ford

Winford Paul Alexander is scheduled to make his arrival in July 2013. We are thrilled.

Yes, we found out today that we are having a BOY. We couldn't be any happier.

The nurse said he has a little round belly, weighs 8 ounces and loves to kick his little feet. She said he was dancing around like crazy while she was checking me.

We bought an "It's a Boy" balloon and four blue cupcakes at Gigi's to tell everyone. Our family is all very excited.

We can't wait to meet our little man!

Oh, and his name does have a meaning-- Winford was Mat's paternal grandfather's name, and Paul was Mat's maternal grandfather's name.

We shall call him Ford. Ford Alexander.

hairbows or bowties

Tomorrow, we find out if this little human growing inside of me will wear hairbows or bowties. We are so excited.

A lot of people have asked us what we want-- a boy or a girl. But, truthfully, we don't have a preference one way or the other. And I don't have any strong hunches on what it might be, either. I just want him/her to be healthy...and that's the truth.

I don't think we'll do any sort of gender reveal this go-around, but I might can convince MCA to stop for a balloon with a little pink or a little blue on it, and we'll tweet a picture of that. Maybe. :)

But, tonight, on my last night not knowing whether this little human being with a soul that will never die that lives within me is a little miss or a little mister, I'm going to rejoice in the fact that the good Lord has seen it fit for Mat and I to do this parenthood thing once again. And that humbles me and makes me so very thankful.

And while I'm thankful for the little one of which I know not the gender, I'm so thankful for the sweet one I have that I do know the gender of-- my sweet Wattsie. Tonight, I rejoice in the fact that she exists, and that she is our little girl, and the fact that the Lord saw fit for us to be HER parents almost two years ago. He is good. He is so good.

There is much mystery and much anticipation, but tonight, I focus on what I do know: I am mother to two sweet blessings...to two absolute joys and gifts from the Lord, and also a wife to their daddy, of whom I am so undeserving and who I love so fiercely with every ounce of my being.

And for both those things and all three of those people, I'm eternally grateful.

Praise you, Jesus.


christmas day

We continued on our tradition of being at home on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Mumsy spent the night with us. Late on Christmas Eve night, Mat couldn't contain his excitement, and we had to go out and buy "one last" present for AWA. We finally found a Walgreens open at 11:00 on Christmas Eve, and we bought her Jingle the dog and the Interactive Storybook.

Gran V, Pop and Aunt Lenze came over early, early Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought AWA. But, AWA didn't wake up until around 9 a.m., so they had to wait a while before we could begin the festivities.



Mat will probably kill me for posting these photos of him so early in the morning, but I had to show you how much my two people look alike in the morning. Look at their little pouty "bird lips" as I call them. And their swollen eyes. They look just alike in the morning. Just alike!


Ama-Watts didn't have any problems at all going straight for all her new loot.


"Are you sure all of this is mine?"














We had such a great Christmas morning. We went to Granny's later on in the day, then back to Gran V and Pop's house to eat Chinese take-out and watch a movie.

More Christmas coming soon!


christmas eve

We had a low-key Christmas Eve. We stayed around the house that morning and afternoon. But, that night, we had our Christmas Eve service at church. Afterwards, we had my mom, Gran V and Pop, Aunt Cathy and Uncle Randall, and Papa and Mimi back to our house for dinner. We had a great Christmas Eve!












christmas at the gunters

That's right. It's February, and I'm just now beginning to post our Christmas happenings. But, I figured better late than never, so here goes.

We went to my aunt and uncle's house on Christmas Eve Eve. We had so much fun.

Ama-Watts got some fun play time with my cousin's boyfriend's puppy, Molly. Isn't she a cutie?



Ama-Watts also loves playing with her cousin Ellie Parker. I think AWA feels like such a big girl when she's around Ellie. I have a feeling very soon Ama-Watts will be talking about "my big cousin Ellie" very, very soon.





This Christmas celebration has always been my favorite. I love that our little family is all together. We are so fortunate to be able to have such a great family in which to raise Ama-Watts.




Ama-Watts also love, love, loves her cousin Morgan. Morgan has a magic touch with babies, and she's no different with AWA.



Almost all these photos were made toward the end of the night, so that's why AWA looks so tired and red-eyed. She played so hard the whole time we were there, so she was exhausted by the end of the night. She had a ball.

I love spending Christmas with my family.