easter! easter!

We had such a great Easter! Mumsy, Wattsie and I took a week-long vacation to Destin the week before Easter (more on that later), but we got back home in time to celebrate with our family.

The Easter Bunny was very good to Watts! She got a Clifford book, an Olivia book, a Twine stuffed bunny, four little cars, some peeps and Reese's Bunnies, sunglasses, a cookie, a sippy cup and a circus-themed smocked dress. She was thrilled with the cars!

We had a wonderful Sunday morning at church that morning, as well. Mat began his new "Pastor's Class" Sunday School class, and we had a packed house in both Sunday School and worship. Mat preached a fantastic sermon, and it was good to see so many new faces at FBC.


I always like to look back on old pictures and compare, so I did this little comparison of Easter last year and Easter this year. AWA has grown up, and my bangs have grown out, and it looks as though Mat is pretty much the same. I do love my little family, though!

After church, we went to Uncle Randall and Aunt Cathy's to eat lunch. We had such a great time being with family-- some of whom we do not get to see all that often. We also went to see GranDanny and T later in the evening. It was a wonderful day!

I am so thankful for the Easter season and for what it means. I am especially thankful for the Lord's propitiation of our sins, but I am equally thankful that He chose to adopt me as a daughter into His eternal family. Praise be to God!

Happy Easter!

**I haven't gotten a chance to make "good" photos of AWA in her Easter dress yet, but no worries; they're coming soon!

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  1. You look great, Whitney!
    P.S. I got a new camera (Nikon) and am loving it! Still have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm learning. :)