a little scare

This post is so, so very late, but I didn't want to forget the details from this day, so I decided to blog about it a LOT late...

Mat and I are HUGE Masters fans, and every year, we like to have people over to watch it with us. This year, we made egg salad, pimento cheese and Arnold Palmers and had Mat's parents over to our house.


While we were watching it, my mom stopped by on her way to Rome, and she just happen to have John Roberts (my Scottish Terrier from college) with her. I was holding him, and AWA came over to pet him. She must have pet him too hard on his little head, and he snapped at her and bit her ear.

Everyone went berserk, and I scooped up AWA, and we all headed to the ER here in Gadsden. I wasn't sure she'd need stitches, but I knew the wound would need to be cleaned out very well since it was a dog bite.

By the time we got to the ER, AWA had already stopped crying. By the time I got her signed in, she was dancing and laughing in the waiting room (with blood dripping down her ear, I might add). I was a nervous wreck, but seeing AWA act like she was ok made me feel a little better. Mat kept telling her if she didn't start crying and acting like she was hurt that we'd end up waiting all day in the waiting room. :)



They finally called us back (after a little prompt from a worried Daddy), and weighed her and took her temp. We were sent to a smaller waiting room upstairs. We waited a very long time, and a doctor finally saw us to confirm that AWA would need stitches.








They took us down to another room in the main ER area, and we waited a very long time on another doctor. At first, we were told they would sedate AWA and do the stitches while she was asleep. But, because of complications with the medicine, they ended up not being able to sedate her. They gave her a strong injection to calm her, and then they had to wrap her up to do her stitches.



I have to confess...I wasn't in the room at all while they were doing the stitches. Mat and Mat's mom, Gran V, stayed in the room with her while they did it. At the time, I just didn't think my mommy heart could take the pain from seeing her in pain. I sort of regret it now, because in a way, I feel like I wimped out on my daughter when she needed me, but I know that Gran V and her Daddy were there for her every single second.

Mat and Valerie said AWA did great while she was getting stitched up. She cried (of course), but she was brave. She ended up having 3 2.5mm stitches on her right ear.


That night when we finally got home around 9:30 p.m., I rocked and rocked her until she fell asleep. She didn't cry one single bit after we left the hospital. I worried to death about her all night long, but she never woke up. They gave her pain medicine, but we never had to give her any. She's such a big, big girl with such a brave little soul.

The next morning, I had to teach women's Bible study at church. Mat stayed home with her, and when I raced home after the study was over, this is what I came home to...


...a happy, smiling little girl. Such a trooper.

We went to the ENT that week, and he said that everything would heal just fine. 



And they did. The stitches all dissolved except one that the ENT removed 2 weeks later. AWA's ear looks great, and you can hardly see where the bites were.

Mat and I are so, so, so very thankful to God for protecting AWA that day. The bite could have been so much worse, but we were very fortunate. We are grateful for Mat's dad, Mat's mom, Mat's little sister and my mom who all stayed with us at the ER that day, and provided us with comfort, food and drink, and even a little comedic relief. We couldn't have done it without them.

And I couldn't have made it without Mat, who constantly amazes me in stressful situations. I'm so glad I have him to keep my calm.

And of course, that sweet little girl-- bless her heart. To this day, she isn't at all afraid of any dog-- but we are more careful now, of course. We know that John Roberts is a DOG, and sometimes, dogs bite. They are unpredictable. We don't blame him, and we especially don't blame my mom who constantly said she didn't want AWA around him for fear of him biting her. These things happen. It was an accident, but we learn from accidents, and we are much more aware and careful now.

Overall, we are so thankful for God's protection and His provision. This was such a small little scare, but we are so grateful for how the Lord watches over us and our family. Praise you, Jesus.

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  1. So glad AWA is okay, and that she's not afraid of dogs after all this! Hugs to you!