a few thoughts...

A few thoughts this evening...

1. My iPhone's lock button is kaput. It's been working off and on lately, and then about a week ago, it just completely quit working. I casually moseyed up to the Apple store last Thursday night thinking they might fix it, but apparently, you must have an appointment to visit the illustrious Genius Bar. The Apple store worker, in his cut off jeans, blue t-shirt with the Apple logo on front, and dark-rimmed hipster glasses, let me go through a painstakingly long self-assessment of what is wrong with my iPhone, then handed me a business card and told me to make an appointment. I went away from the Apple store telling Mat that society has fallen into an Apple pit; we will pay whatever they ask for whatever they put out. Then, when that product messes up, we'll head to an Apple store to get it fixed, then realize we have to have an appointment. We'll get frustrated, then just end up buying a newer version of whatever we had that messed up. And then a Genius Bar person will miraculously be available to help us transfer our data and set said new product up because OF COURSE. 
My name is Whitney, and I am an Apple addict.

2. I love making pics of my babies with my "good" camera (not just my iPhone). But, my curious daughter has a deep fascination with my camera. Anytime I point it at her, a sudden urge to hold my camera overcomes her. So I end up with one (maybe two) blurry pictures of Watts, and an hour of my time monitoring her while she hold my camera. I am absolutely flabbergasted as to what to do to remedy the situation.


3. On a more serious note, can I just say how excited I am that new episodes of fall television shows come on at the end of this month?! My DVR has had a great summer off, and we're ready to fill it up starting at the end of the month. Pumped. Bring on the entertainment.

4. On an even more serious note, 3 days until GAMEDAY. I've already got my DVR set to record just in case I go temporarily blind on Saturday at 2:30 when Alabama kicks-off at Texas A&M. I know Coach Saban and the Tide have been ruthlessly preparing for their revenge since last year's awful display of not showing up. Let's remedy that this weekend, okay? Roll Tide. (I'm nervous already.)

5. I am composing this on my new iPad Mini. See #1.

6. My Ford boy is asleep in my arms. Our afternoon trip to Walmart did him in.


That's all for now. Happy Tuesday!

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