the genius bar and 49-42

What a weekend!!

I'll start with Friday. I had an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar in Birmingham, so we left Watts with Gran V and headed down there around 10:30. We stopped to eat at Saw's before going to the Summit. It was Ford's first trip to Saw's. He so enjoyed watching me eat a BBQ baked potato the size of my head and his daddy eat a burger that could kill a small animal. Food is our love language.

We left Saw's and went to the Apple store. I checked in, a few minutes early, and they told me to "shop around." (Because that's what you do in stores where the cheapest item is over $100... So I stood awkwardly in the corner.)

I stood there for a moment then an Apple guy came up to me and asked when was the last time I backed my iPhone up to my iCloud. "Ummmm, never?" I replied. Which, was not a good reply, apparently. He told me I would probably have to have my iPhone completely erased, and I panicked a little bit. But what was a girl to do?

I finally got matched up with my technician, and he was blind. At first, I was reluctant. How in the world was this going to work? But, it turns out, Shane (the technician) was amazing. It was crazy to watch him type on his little black box then see him read the Braille that would pop up at the top of that box. He had me a new iPhone 4S in a matter of minutes. I was really amazed.

As Mat perused Vineyard Vines and Brooks Brothers, I redownloaded apps on my phone. LUCKILY, my pictures on my photo stream AND my Notes and Contacts were still there.

Crisis averted.

Mat took me to Olexa's after that to have a piece of warm cake with buttercream icing. Heaven on earth. Ford also found Mr. Bug at Olexa's, and they seemed to have a good time together.

That night, we had hung out at Gran V and Pop's house with the babies and with Mat's sister Lenze, and her boyfriend, who were home from college.

Saturday morning, Ford boy and I woke up early to watch "College Gameday." But it's not like I could have slept anyway; I was so nervous. Mom came around lunch, and we watched Alabama and Texas A&M kickoff at 2:30. The first quarter was nerve-racking, to say the least. I wasn't prepared for Johnny Football, and it didn't look like our defense was, either. I did my workout during halftime (partly because I needed to and partly to burn some stress), and we headed over to Gran V and Pop's to watch the rest of the game. Thankfully, Alabama (really!!) showed up the second half and shut. that. mess. down. 

49-42, Alabama. Roll Tide! My little heart could not have been more proud.

We went to church Sunday and had a gift card shower for our youth minister and his wife. Sunday night, we went back over to Gran V and Pop's house to have steaks and see Lenze before she went back to Tuscaloosa. (Have I told y'all how excited I am to have another UA girl in the family now?!? Roll Tide, Lenze!!!)

I took both babies to the pediatrician yesterday. Ford had his 2 month appointment. I told AWA she was just tagging along, but I ended up asking if she could go ahead and get her flu shot. She did, and she took it like a complete champion-- didn't cry a bit, but did hate that Garfield band-aid on her little thigh. The girl amazes me. (More on Ford'a appointment when I put his 2 month post up soon...)

We had a good weekend, and Monday came with all the lovely things Monday brings. It's a day-by-day struggle sometimes, and every now and then, you have to start-over to get your lock button fixed.

Just like my iPhone 4S.

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