Wattsie has gotten really verbal lately. (She's now 21 months old.) She's always been really expressive and loud, but now that she can match those two qualities with words, she's really a hoot. I wanted to write down some of her isms so that I wouldn't forget them when she's older!

When Watts doesn't want to do something or doesn't want something we offer her ("Wattsie, do you want ______?"), she always says, "I want no!"

In the morning, when she wakes up, I always ask her if she's ready for her juice. If she is, she says, "Joooooooo-ce."

At night, Mat will fix her a bottle of milk. As soon as she sees it, she starts saying, "Miiiiiilt. Miiiiilt!" When he's finished fixing it, he tells her it's time to go night-night, and she immediately follows him to her bedroom. He always tells her to tell me goodnight. She'll usually wave at me while she's walking back to her room. No time for Momma when there's milk to be drunk.

Speaking of "momma", she'll say everyone in the book's name BUT mine. She sometimes says, "Nit-nee," but never, ever "Momma." I can ask her to say it, and she usually replies, "No!" Or her favorite phrase, "I want no!"

She calls Chris, Mat's dad, "a-Paaaa" (Pop). She calls my mom "Mums-SEE!!" She also can say "Gran V" (Mat's mom) and "Papa" (my grandfather). Sometimes, she says, "John", who was Mat's pastoral intern this past summer. She's apparently still smitten with him.

She is always trying to impress her daddy. We recently got her a jump rope, and she loves to say, "Watch, Da! Jump!!!!" It's so precious. She also wants him to "catch" with her and her ball a lot.

Also, the other day, a car pulled out in front of us, and Mat had to slam on the breaks. Watts said, "Whoa, Da! Whoa!!!"

Watts says "peas" for "please" and "tant tou" for "thank you". Her "tant tou-s" are a lot more common than her "peas-es" though. ;)

She LOVES to tell her Daddy bye. She waves her little hand and says, "Bye bye, Da-deeee!"

We sometimes bring her home outfits or shirts when we go shopping, and when I show them to her, I'll say, "Look, Watts! We bought you a (shirt/dress/pair of pjs, etc)..."
And Watts always smiles so big and says, "Oh, wow. How tute!" Then, she'll hold it up to her and say, "So pityyyyyy!"

Watts definitely does not like it when her little brother cries. We can always say,"What's wrong with Ford, Watts?" And she'll say, "He why. He why!" (He cry.)

When she's about to do something, she'll say, "Here goes!!!"

She also loves to say, "Weeeeeeeee!" when something is fun. She also loves to say, "Oh, woooooow!"

She loves to eat baby food pouches. They're her favorite food. She will say, "Pooooowch," when she's ready to eat.

If she really likes something, she'll say, "Mmmmmm!" as she's eating.

The other day, we had a stray cat run in our house as we were unloading groceries.  AWA got so excited, and helped us chase it out of the house as she said, "Caaaat!" The next night, it came up again outside our window. Pop and Gran V were at our house, and she saw the cat, she told Pop, "Cat bite! Cat bite!" I don't know why she thought that. It didn't bite her or us. It wasn't even mean. She's got an imagination!!

Ama-Watts really loves Disney Junior on tv. She's gone from one favorite show to about five. She says "Mowwww" for Mickey Mouse, "Doc" for Doc McStuffins, "Ohhh-sho" for Secret Agent Oso, and "Hanny-Man, Hanny-Man" for Handy Manny. She also likes to watch Clifford and Little Einsteins, but doesn't really say their names a lot.

She's realized that we call her lots of names (couldn't you tell just by this post?!?). I can ask her what her name is, and she'll say something different each time. She says "Wathie" (complete with a little lisp) the most. But she also says, "Waths," "Ama-Wathie," and "Am-ah!", too. 

We sure do love our spunky, crazy, funny 21 month old little girl. She brings us more laughter and joy than we could have ever imagined. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of children!!!

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