weekend recap

I feel like I need to be blogging more frequently. I sometimes don't blog because I don't feel like my pictures are "good enough" or "not edited" or I just feel overwhelmed and don't know what to blog about because we didn't do anything "extraordinary" that day/week. But that's not a good excuse. I want to remember the little things; not just the big events like birthdays and holidays. So, all of that being said, I'm going to attempt to start blogging more often...even about the "boring" stuff.

We had a pretty low-key weekend. Our weekends start on Thursday night because Mat is off work on Fridays. We had date night on Thursday night. We went to Birmingham to The Summit while Pop and Gran V kept the babies. We ate at Flip Burger, and it was so good. We got classic hamburgers with fries, rings, and sweet potato tots. It was also "splurge night" on our diet. We went all out. :)


After dinner, we went to the Loft, and I got some new clothes I'd had my eye on. We left The Summit and went to Cold Stone (splurge night, remember?!?). I had Birthday Cake Remix, which so reminded me of humid, late nights in college at Bama--eating Cold Stone sitting outside on The Strip. (That Cold Stone isn't there anymore. Really sad.) After Cold Stone, we went to Target and spent a bunch of money on what boiled down to be two bags of stuff. But isn't that always how Target trips go?!

We got home late, and both babies were asleep. :) Ford slept until 5am Friday morning. I asked Gran V what time she'd be back Friday night to get him asleep again. Ha!

Friday morning, the babies and I hung around the house while Mat went to work for a bit. I cleaned house (as much as one can while watching two under two). Gran V swung by after lunch to watch Ford while AWA napped so that Mat and I could go to the grocery store without kids. Ahhh, what a luxury!



Friday night, we went to the FBC Youth tailgate at the Westbrook/Fyffe game. It was so, so hot, but AWA had a blast playing cornhole...or putting the beanbags in the holes in the boards.

I snapped this pic of Ford and Mat, and Ford's smile makes me so happy!


Saturday, we hung around here. I watched football/College Gameday all morning while Mat got some sermon prep done. Gran V and Pop came over for dinner. I made turkey chili, and it was delicious!!



We had a great High Attendance Sunday at church this morning! The babies and I made it just in time for worship. Mat preached a great sermon on trusting God and His Word because of Christ from Hebrews 11. Thankful for my pastor! We had lunch with Damon, the boys (our nephews), Gran V and Pop at Red Lobster. We rested this afternoon, and my mom came by on her way back to Rome.



Tonight we had FBC Coffeehouse at church. Mat spoke on God's Word, and we had Q&A and dessert afterwards. I love fellowshipping with my church family!

I love the weekends. So thankful for a full but fun one these past few days. Have a great week!!

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