y'all. it's coming.


Y'all. It's coming. 

Alabama vs. Texas A&M.


Two. days. away.

I'm so nervous.

Now, Alabama has a couple of advantages here. First, we lost in the same match-up last year. We lost bad, and it was ugly. Second, we've got a National Title (or two) (or three) (or 15) to defend. Third, Johnny Football. The guy's a JOKE. I know he can handle the football, but seriously. Where is his mother? Shame on him.

I'm not a complete idiot. I know A&M has advantages as well. But, I choose not to focus on them. Instead I focus on the Tide, and I'm thankful for the extra week we had to prepare for this game.

So, Roll Tide, dear blog readers. Two days until GAMEDAY.

Two. days.

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