watts' 2nd birthday

We threw Ama-Watts a "kid party" at the church on Dec. 7. Because of how much she loves Mickey Mouse, we did a Mickey Mouse theme, and I think she adored it!

We had just a few snacks, a bounce house, and a visit from a special someone from the Clubhouse, and good times were had by all.

Note: there are an embarrassing amounts of photos here, but you only turn 2 once, right?

We were able to invite a lot of the kids from our church. We were so thrilled that many of them were able to come! I love that Watts has such sweet friends at church that she can grow up with. Such a blessing!

I have to brag on my husband for a little while-- he helped me make a lot of the decorations. While he's not the craftiest man on the planet, he was so patient and kind with me while I got so much ready during one of our regular Thursday night date nights. I am so thankful to be married to a guy who will sacrifice a date night with his wife to help her get ready for their little girl's party. And he was just too sweet about it, too. Thanks, Matty!

A girl from here in Gadsden made our cookies. They were delicious and just too cute! We gave these out for party favors, along with some bubbles, candy and Mickey Mouse confetti.

Since we had the party in the Family Life Center at our church, we were able to let all the kids play with a lot of fun things. We had bouncy balls, hula hoops, jungle gyms and basketballs out for them to play with. They had a ball...especially Watts, who loves to play with other kids.

Watts and Bryleigh are BFF when they are together. Bryleigh loves to tell Watts what to do, but bless her heart, Watts has her own mind, and sometimes, she won't comply with poor Bry's wishes!

We decided to let Mickey Mouse make his big appearance in the middle of the party. Watts was really excited at first to see him, but she wouldn't go near him without me holding her. She smiled and smiled and pointed at him, but wouldn't let him touch her at all! Bryleigh yelled "Mickey Mouse!" as soon as she saw him come in the gym.

Thanks to Lenze's roommate for playing the part of Mickey Mouse so well!

Sweet Ford did so great during the party. He was held the whole time, so he obviously had a great time!

Our family photo. Mouse had to be included, because Mouse is a regular part of our every day lives around here!

Watts wasn't too sure about everyone singing Happy Birthday to her. She made the funniest faces while we were singing. She wasn't really interested in eating her cupcake (or anything for that matter), but she did enjoy a nice cup of juice during her play break.

I had no choice but to schedule the party right smack dab in the middle of the SEC Championship Game time, so we had a TV playing the game in the middle of the party room. My family (along with my father in law), got to watch the game AND enjoy the party. It was a win-win for everyone involved!

When you are two years old, you don't understand that you have a momma that thinks pictures are important, so you cry when you have to stop playing and have your photo taken. Thus resulting in the best photo of the three of us during her party...You'll thank me later, Wattsie.

We had a ball at Ama-Watts' second birthday party. It was so much fun, and Mat and I are blessed to be the parents of such a great, big two year old little girl!


Photos: my own and Michael Ray Photo, Gadsden, AL (and one Instagram from my sister-in-law, Lenze)
Venue: FBC Gadsden
Watts' outfit: Zuccini dress, applique and monogram by Bocksteens, Albertville, AL
Cupcakes: Publix, Rome, GA
Invitation: Some shop on Etsy that I cannot find now :(
 Bounce House: Tent Tech, Albertville, AL
Mickey Mouse costume: The Bridal Garden, Southside, AL
Mickey Mouse cookies: Cookies by Allison Hathcock

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  1. I love that this precious girl loves Disney! :-) Happy birthday, Watts!