you're six months old, ford!

Happy six months birthday, big guy! I can't believe you are six months old...halfway to a year! You have grown so much this past month. Here are you six month check-up stats...

We visited the doctor (We love Dr. Cynthia!!!) on January 8-- your actual six month birthday. You weighed 17.9 lbs. and were 26.75 inches long (both in the 50th percentile). You got three shots and one oral vaccine, and you handled them so well!

Dr. Hill switched you back to your original formula, and you've done so much better on it than on the Alimentium. We were so thankful to have the green light to switch you back. I hope you have outgrown your milk protein allergy already. You are nursing twice a day-- once in the morning and once at night. I still give you pumped breastmilk in a bottle sometimes, too. You love your bottle, and you love formula, though, so it works out for everyone!

You are sleeping in your crib every night. I rock you to sleep around 7:30-8 and you usually stay asleep. You will sometimes wake up to take a bottle then go right back to sleep. You usually wake up between 7:30-8:30.

You love to play and you LOVE to roll over on your stomach. You can roll both ways, but you don't like to be on your back much. You love to play in your jumper (for a bit) and you love to chew on your teething ring that Pop bought you.

You are eating baby food at least once per day. You have had sweet potatoes and applesauce, and you really enjoy both. We will continue to give you new foods from here on out. Little man loves to eat!!

Your favorite thing in the world is to be held and talked to. You adore your big sister, and she's pretty fond of you when she has time for you-- she's a pretty busy bee. ;)

You are wearing at least 9 months clothes these days. You have such a long torso, so when we buy you one piece things, they have to be really big. You can still wear 6-9 months in shirts and little pants, though. 

Ford boy, we love you so, so much. You are such a happy, smiley little baby guy, and we are so glad that you are in our family. We are just crazy about you, and you bring us so much joy every single day.

Happy six months, little guy! We love you!

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