don't touch the collar bone!

Several...and I do mean several...weeks ago, Ama-Watts had a little mishap here at home. Like I said, it happened several weeks ago, but I wanted to document the story so that if one day she happens to be reading my blog (ha!), she can know all the little details about what happened to her.

It was a normal Tuesday. Ama-Watts, Ford and I had just gotten back from Wal-Mart. They had both been so good, which was such a blessing, because I am usually too much of a chicken to take both of them with me on a grocery store run. Not to mention, a Wal-Mart run.

AWA had asked for a little container shaped like a goldfish to hold Goldfish crackers while we were at Wal-Mart, and because she had been so good, I bought it for her. I filled it up with crackers when we got home, and she climbed up into a dining room chair to have a snack while I unloaded the groceries and made lunch for us.

I turned my back and then turned back around to face where she was sitting just in time to see her fall out of the chair on her right side. She did fall onto our rug in the kitchen, but I thought she had hit the side of her head.

I scooped her up quickly, and assumed she would be fine; she is such a tough little girl, and usually gets over getting hurt pretty quick. At first, she cried more than usual, but she kept stopping and then starting crying over and over. I kept looking at her head and couldn't see a knot. I checked to make sure her little head wasn't sunken in, either, and it wasn't. I thought she probably just hurt her noggin pretty badly.

A couple of minutes later, she was still crying sporadically, so I called Mat and told him I needed to take her to the Pediatric Clinic. I loaded Ford in the car, and when I picked up AWA under her arms to put her in the Jeep, she had a come apart. At that point, I assumed it was her shoulder. I called Mat again, and he ended up calling Dr. Dan Sparks, who is an orthopedic surgeon that practices here in Gadsden and also happens to go to our church.

I dropped Ford off with Gran V at the church, then Mat and I took Watts to Dr. Sparks' office. He assessed her and thought it was her shoulder, too. He had her lift her arm, and she cried a little when she did. She went to have X-rays done several times. She kept moving at the last minute, so they kept having to redo them.

When Dr. Sparks first looked at the X-ray of her shoulder, he didn't see a break or anything. But, with another scan, he luckily, just happened to see the break in her collar bone.

When Mat told me it was a broken collar bone, I thought the worst-- I was thinking she'd have to have surgery or worse, have to have a body cast (I really don't know why I thought she'd have to have  a full upper body cast, but I guess I was just panicking).

Turns out, the little girl got a sweet little navy sling and orders for us to watch her carefully and to give her Motrin for pain.

AWA did so well over the next few days. We did not end up giving her much Motrin. She never really seemed to be in a ton of pain. She eventually got to where she would hold her little arm up and by her side very carefully. She also would kind of walk funny and kind of slouched over. She would wince when we would pick her up, so we had to develop a different way to picking her up to prevent us from having to go up under her arms and put pressure on the break. A knot developed over the break (which is what was supposed to happen), and eventually, we couldn't even tell anything had happened. She was back to her old self within two days flat. It was amazing.

She still doesn't like for us to touch it or mention it really. I took her to her follow up appointment with Dr. Sparks three weeks after the accident. AWA was so good for her X-rays and let us "make her picture" while she laid on the table and was "real still." Dr. Sparks examined the X-rays, and he said she was healing beautifully. He said eventually, we would never even know anything had happened.

We are so thankful our little girl is ok. I believe AWA got her foot stuck up under her when she was trying to turn around in the chair, and she got tangled up and just fell over sideways. We are trying to be more careful with her, but sometimes, these things just happen! She's a little girl who's not afraid of anything at all, and so we just have to pray for the Lord to protect her and watch over her.

We are so thankful for Dr. Sparks and his staff for how sweet and what good care they took of AWA. And if you are ever in need of an orthopedist, I know a great one in Gadsden!


  1. Oh my, that teary eyed face just breaks my heart. Poor girl!

  2. Oh my gosh, poor dear! Sweet thing looks precious! Lots of love coming your way!