ten on...wednesday??

We're snowed iced in, and even though I've not got much to report, I thought I'd do a little ten on Wednesday post.

1. The Olympics
Y'all. I sure do love the Olympics. Every time they come on, I think the respective games are my favorite. If the Summer games are on, I love them most. If it's the Winter games, I love them most. I love the pageantry of the games, the determination, the sportsmanship, the whole lot of it. I particularly love the human interest stories. And this might be one of my favorite stories from the past couple of days:

2. We are planning on painting/redoing our master bathroom sometime soon. We currently have black mirrors in our bathroom, but we want to replace them. I found this image, but don't really know how to even go about searching for these mirrors. Do any of you know where I might find two mirrors like this?

3. I recently acquired an 11" MacBook Air, and I'm in love. I sold my iMac desktop, so I'm officially living in the laptop world again. It's a glorious thing.

4. I mentioned we've been snowed in, and my family and I have been discussing how all you want to do when you're snowed in is eat. And it's true. I've eaten so much food-- specifically sweets-- the past two days. I'd really like to run it all off, but let's be serious. It's going to be awhile before I can get my two house-slippered feet in some tennis shoes to walk, much less run.
But while we're on the topic of sweets, my friend Jennifer from Tales of a Peanut blogged today about some vanilla bread pudding, and it looks divine. She says it's easy and good and has simple ingredients. That's a trifecta right there, folks.

5. I tweeted the other day about needing a black blazer for casual wear. I've waited on the Loft to have a sale that would apply to a specific blazer I've had my eye on, and yesterday was the day! The blazer was marked down to $44, so I quickly added it to my cart and checked out. I'll let you know how it fits when it arrives. I'm super duper excited about it. **It's still on sale today, if you're interested!**

6. I also tweeted this article this morning. I find myself more often than not agreeing with things Mitt Romney says concerning money and business (because MONEY and BUSINESS), but this article granted a specific AMEN from yours truly. We've got to get a handle on this Olympic spending, world. 

7. A few weeks ago, I asked the Instagram/Facebook/Twitter world to point me in the right direction so I could start cloth diapering Ford boy. Well, several of you came through in the ABSOLUTE CLUTCH and gave me solid advice. We are cloth diapering (only at home) these days, and I really do like it. It's not a hassle like I originally believed it would be. We use BumGenius Freetime and 4.0 diapers in white. We have both the snap closures and the velcro closures. Ford seems to like them, and in my personal opinion, there's nothing cuter than a little cloth diaper baby butt.

(click image for source)

8. Mat and I have started watching "New Girl" on Netflix. We've tried to watch it before, and we weren't that crazy about it. But now? We love it! Oh my goodness. So funny. And Zooey Deschanel? So cute. And so hilarious. She makes me miss my bangs...kind of. :)

9. I got a new blog design. So, if you're reading this on your mobile phone, click on over to my actual blog and check it out. I like the change!

10. Finally, this...

Enjoy your day! Happy (snow) day!

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  1. Love the Olympics.... and pretty much every other thing you shared today. Fabulous new design as well!