you're seven months old, ford boy!

Happy seven months, big guy! Momma can't believe you're seven months old.

Here's your run down...

When I took you to the doctor a couple of weeks ago, you weighed 18 lbs., 1 oz. You are getting so long, too, but I am not sure how long you are.

You are wearing 9-12m clothes and a size 3 shoe. You have two of the sweetest, little teeth on your bottom gums, and you have the brownest eyes I've ever seen on a little baby.

You love, love, love food. You eat two meals of baby food per day. You love apples, bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes and pears. Today at lunch, you gnawed on a cucumber slice, and you were in heaven! You really liked it.

You are sleeping pretty well these days. I usually give you your last bottle around 7:30p and you (usually) sleep through the night. On a normal day, you take two naps: one two hours after you first wake up, and then another one around 2-2:30p. You usually will nap for a couple of hours.

You love to go and you are becoming very mobile. You aren't crawling on all fours just yet, but you can usually scoot over to whatever you've got your eyes on.

You ADORE your big sister, but she usually won't give you the time of day. She's just too busy! But, sometimes, I will catch her loving on and patting you. It melts my heart!

You love to be talked to the most. You are such a happy, easy going baby. You have learned to scream, but you usually just like to scream to hear yourself scream. It cracks your momma up.

You love to spend time in your walker and in your jumper, and you love your toys! You are also working on getting some new teeth, so you love to chew on anything you can get your hands on.

You can sit up pretty well, but you are still a little wobbly. We moved you over into your big boy car seat yesterday, so today at lunch, you sat in a high chair. You seemed to like it pretty well.

My sweet, sweet guy. You bring our family so much joy. I love every single little thing about you-- the way your hair always stands up, the way you suck on your bottom lip, the way you love to be held, your chubby little finger and feet, how curious you are and just how sweet you are. You are such a blessing to your momma. You have me wrapped around your little, bitty finger.

Happy seven months, my Ford. I am head over heels in love with you!

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