trip to the port city

This past Thursday morning, Gran V and Pop came and picked up our babies, and Mat and I headed five hours south to Mobile. A pastor friend of Mat's invited us to sit at his table at the University of Mobile Leadership Banquet, so we were so excited to spend a weekend in our favorite city.

Mat and I got married and lived our first year of marriage in Mobile, so it will always sort of be "home" for us, and it will definitely always be very near and dear to our hearts.

We stopped for a biscuit in Birmingham at The Alabama Biscuit Company. I highly, highly recommend TABC, but be warned that it is a little expensive for biscuits. They do roast and serve Octane Coffee, though, so that's a big plus!

We stopped for lunch in Montgomery, and we made it to Mobile by around 3:30. We went straight to Dauphin Way Baptist Church, which is where Mat and I got married and where we did our first year of ministry together. Mat served as the college minister there from 2008-2009. We love so many of the people at DWBC, and we couldn't visit Mobile without making a stop to see several of those many people that we love and miss so much. We spent a couple of hours there talking and catching up with some folks. Adam and Maggie, our sweet, sweet friends in ministry, met us at DWBC. Adam is currently serving in the children's ministry at DWBC. We couldn't be more proud of them and their ministry in Mobile.

We stayed with Adam and Maggie while we were in town. They have the cutest little townhouse, and they blessed us so much with their hospitality.

As soon as we got to their house and changed clothes, it was time to head downtown for the banquet. We made it downtown by driving down Dauphin Street, which is one of my most favorite drives in the world. The oaks and the houses are breathtaking.

We got downtown and parked and got up to the convention center fairly quickly. We met Kevin and his family (our friend who gave us the tickets) and spent some time catching up with them. Kevin ushered us off to meet Oliver North, who was the speaker at the banquet, and Mat and I got our picture made with him just before the banquet started.

The banquet was wonderful. The food and the company were top notch, and Oliver North did a fantastic job speaking.

After the banquet, Mat and I met Adam and Maggie at Carpe Diem-- our favorite Mobile coffee shop in Spring Hill. We had some coffee, then we all took a night drive. We got back to Adam and Maggie's fairly late, but we all stayed up late talking and catching up. It was such a wonderful time.

On Friday morning, we got up early, and it was pouring rain. Because MOBILE. Adam and Mat went and got us breakfast from Pohlman's Bakery, and then we all headed out to piddle around Mobile.

We went all over. We had lunch downtown at Panini Pete's, and it was fantastic. That afternoon, we went in lots of stores and shops and even got to go to the campus of the University of Mobile for Mat to see the recent renovations and see some friends that still work there.

We had dinner later that night at Zea, and then we watched some basketball at Adam and Maggie's house. Right before bed, we went and got ice cream at Old Dutch-- a Mobile tradition!

Mat and I left out to head home pretty early on Saturday morning. We said goodbye to Adam and Maggie, and then Mat and I made one last stop at Carpe Diem for coffee-- the perfect ending to a great weekend.

We stopped for lunch in Montgomery at Sashy's, and Mat tried fried quail, which he was not fond of. I had a fantastic grilled cheese and tomato basil soup (my standard these days).

We made one more stop in Birmingham at the Summit before heading to Boaz to pick up our babies.

It was such a great weekend, but Mat and I are happy to be back under one roof with our little flock. We are so, so thankful for sweet friends and fun memories. It was such a great weekend!


my first stitch fix

I have been hearing so much about Stitch Fix from several bloggers and friends, so I figured I needed to try it out for myself. If you aren't sure what Stitch Fix is, you can read my first blog post about it here or you can click here and go to the Stitch Fix web site and read for yourself!

Here is how the Fix came to my door...

After I got through all of the packaging, I found my five garments. Four tops and a pair of jeans...

At first, I was really excited. The navy and white/polka dot shirt caught my eye immediately. I loved it! I also loved the heathered shirt, as well. I wasn't that excited to be receiving jeans, because I don't wear jeans a lot, and I am pretty picky about what kinds I will wear. But, I tried to keep an open mind.

I tried everything on, and here's the run down...

(I would have made pictures of everything on me, but I was home alone, plus Mat doesn't know how to work my camera anyway. So sorry!!)

Like I said, I really, really loved this shirt when I first saw it. It felt good, it was cute, and I was really digging the three patterns on it. However, when I put it on, it pulled tight across my upper back. The sleeves were a little shorter than I would have liked for them to have been, too. The length was great, but I couldn't get over the back and the sleeves.
VERDICT: returned

I thought this cardigan was super cute. I am not usually one to keep nicer cardigans that do not button, but this one was flowy and longer. It was very comfortable, and the sleeves hit just above the elbow. I probably would have kept this, but there was a hole in the seam on one of the sides.
VERDICT: returned

This sweater definitely looked like something I would have picked out to try on at a store. When I put it on, though, it just didn't do much for me. It was just sort of "blah." It was a M/L, and I probably could have used a S/M. I did love the colors and the color block, though.
VERDICT: returned

This was such a weird shirt. I loved the color. I really love a good black/white/grey/heathered shirt, so I thought this would be a winner. It was really soft and I loved the sleeves. But, the bottom did this really weird tightening thing. It got really small at the bottom. I assume you are supposed to kind of gather it up around your waist, but it looked horrible on me. I wish the bottom would have been different, and I would have kept it.
VERDICT: returned

So, as I said before, I am super, super picky about jeans. I hardly every buy jeans because I hardly ever wear them. The jeans were the last thing I tried on from this Fix, and as soon as I buttoned them, I FELL IN LOVE. The jeans were so, so soft and the perfect dark wash color. The length on them was PERFECT, which is usually a super frustrating thing for me because I am a little on the short side. They had just the right amount of stretch in them, but not too much. (I really hate "stretchy" jeans.) I did keep these jeans, and I've worn them all day today, and they are just as comfortable as the second I put them on early this morning. They've not stretch out (in a bad way) in the slightest bit, and they have been super fun to wear. I wore them with flats, but they would also be very cute tucked in my boots, and they wouldn't give me too much excess material at the knee, which is a huge plus. I really, really love these jeans!

Included in the Fix was five little cards that help you "style" the pieces they send you. I thought this was really helpful and a great idea. I know some of the ways they styled several of the pieces were new to me; I never would have thought of wearing them that way.

Overall, I only ended up keeping one out of five items, but I felt good about my Fix. I will definitely do another one one day. (I did not elect for the "Monthly Fix" where they send you a box every month. I only receive boxes when I schedule one.) I went into my Style Profile online and fixed a couple of things that might help better my next box, so hopefully that will help some!

I do love Stitch Fix. I think it's a fun thing, and I really enjoyed getting my box. I love that it's a surprise! I would definitely recommend it to someone else. In fact, my mother-in-law has already signed up, and she received her first Fix before me. She got a cute shirt in her box that she kept. Win win!

As a disclaimer, I have to say a couple of things...

First of all, I have not been, in any way, compensated for these reviews. Other than being in their database as a customer, Stitch Fix has NO CLUE who I am. All opinions are my own.

Second, prices were a little steeper than I thought. But you can give them a price range of how much you'd like to spend. I lowered mine for my next box. I will say that I did keep the jeans even though they were a little more than what I like to spend on jeans since I don't wear them often. But, I did Google the jeans I was sent, and the price Stitch Fix was charging me was the same price the jeans were at Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor. That made me feel really good about purchasing them! (Knowing that I couldn't go and get them cheaper somewhere else.)

Finally, I think Stitch Fix is mainly for people who don't like to shop for themselves or really have a hard time piecing items together. But I also think it's for people who really, really love clothes and fashion, so I think everyone can benefit from a Fix.

If you are interested in Stitch Fix, click here to learn more.


a little catch up

Just wanted to write down a few things and share a few photos this afternoon.

We have been so busy these past couple of weeks. We have hosted people at our home and been to the doctor and spent some fun times with family. We love life...even when it's busy, busy!

Ford has been growing, growing. He's such a happy little guy. He loves to play with his toys...when Watts won't take them away from him. :)

Ford wears a lot of his Uncle Gunter's clothes from when he was a little tyke. This Noah's Ark outfit was a particular favorite of my mom's. She loved seeing him wear it.

Watts is really into being a pretend doctor these days. She loves Doc McStuffins, and Mumsy bought her a Doc McStuffins coat for Christmas. When I told Watts we were taking Ford to the doctor, she insisted on wearing her doctor's coat and bringing her stethoscope. She gave Ford a pretend check-up while we were there.

I am convinced that there's nothing on earth cuter than a cloth diapered baby butt. Especially this little guy's...

We took Watts, Ford and Bryleigh to the church playground a few Saturdays ago. Ford LOVED the swings. He had the best time swinging and smiling and giggling. I love how happy he is. The smallest things make him so, so smiley.

We are so blessed by three wonderful Sunday School teachers for Watts and Ford on Sunday mornings at FBC. A couple of weeks ago, these two handprint pieces of art made their way home with my babies. I cannot tell you how much they mean to me. They'll be framed and hanging in our house very, very soon!

Mat, me, his parents, Mat's sister Kelly and her husband went to see Elton John in concert on Saturday night. It was so, so good! Mat and I joked-- we loved seeing concerts with "old" people...they sit down the whole time! Ha! We loved Elton. He was phenomenal! I saw him several years ago, and he's not changed a bit. So, so great!!

We ate at Bottega Cafe beforehand, and it was wonderful, as always. We even got to meet Pardis Stitt. So neat!

While we were at the concert, Lenze and her friend Cade kept Ford and Mat's niece, Bryleigh. My mom took Watts to my niece, Ellie Parker's birthday party. I so wish I had been able to go. I know they had a blast!

Finally, I wanted to share this photo of my babies. I snapped it last Saturday. I love it so, so much. I am so thankful for this season of our lives. Sure it's filled with spit up, dirty diapers, baby food, tough, whiney times and meltdowns, but it's pure joy to me. I love what I do, and I love staying at home with my babes. (Matty, thank you for working so hard to let me stay home. You're my hero!)

I love these two...and I love their daddy, too!

Happy Thursday!