a little catch up

Just wanted to write down a few things and share a few photos this afternoon.

We have been so busy these past couple of weeks. We have hosted people at our home and been to the doctor and spent some fun times with family. We love life...even when it's busy, busy!

Ford has been growing, growing. He's such a happy little guy. He loves to play with his toys...when Watts won't take them away from him. :)

Ford wears a lot of his Uncle Gunter's clothes from when he was a little tyke. This Noah's Ark outfit was a particular favorite of my mom's. She loved seeing him wear it.

Watts is really into being a pretend doctor these days. She loves Doc McStuffins, and Mumsy bought her a Doc McStuffins coat for Christmas. When I told Watts we were taking Ford to the doctor, she insisted on wearing her doctor's coat and bringing her stethoscope. She gave Ford a pretend check-up while we were there.

I am convinced that there's nothing on earth cuter than a cloth diapered baby butt. Especially this little guy's...

We took Watts, Ford and Bryleigh to the church playground a few Saturdays ago. Ford LOVED the swings. He had the best time swinging and smiling and giggling. I love how happy he is. The smallest things make him so, so smiley.

We are so blessed by three wonderful Sunday School teachers for Watts and Ford on Sunday mornings at FBC. A couple of weeks ago, these two handprint pieces of art made their way home with my babies. I cannot tell you how much they mean to me. They'll be framed and hanging in our house very, very soon!

Mat, me, his parents, Mat's sister Kelly and her husband went to see Elton John in concert on Saturday night. It was so, so good! Mat and I joked-- we loved seeing concerts with "old" people...they sit down the whole time! Ha! We loved Elton. He was phenomenal! I saw him several years ago, and he's not changed a bit. So, so great!!

We ate at Bottega Cafe beforehand, and it was wonderful, as always. We even got to meet Pardis Stitt. So neat!

While we were at the concert, Lenze and her friend Cade kept Ford and Mat's niece, Bryleigh. My mom took Watts to my niece, Ellie Parker's birthday party. I so wish I had been able to go. I know they had a blast!

Finally, I wanted to share this photo of my babies. I snapped it last Saturday. I love it so, so much. I am so thankful for this season of our lives. Sure it's filled with spit up, dirty diapers, baby food, tough, whiney times and meltdowns, but it's pure joy to me. I love what I do, and I love staying at home with my babes. (Matty, thank you for working so hard to let me stay home. You're my hero!)

I love these two...and I love their daddy, too!

Happy Thursday!

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