trip to the port city

This past Thursday morning, Gran V and Pop came and picked up our babies, and Mat and I headed five hours south to Mobile. A pastor friend of Mat's invited us to sit at his table at the University of Mobile Leadership Banquet, so we were so excited to spend a weekend in our favorite city.

Mat and I got married and lived our first year of marriage in Mobile, so it will always sort of be "home" for us, and it will definitely always be very near and dear to our hearts.

We stopped for a biscuit in Birmingham at The Alabama Biscuit Company. I highly, highly recommend TABC, but be warned that it is a little expensive for biscuits. They do roast and serve Octane Coffee, though, so that's a big plus!

We stopped for lunch in Montgomery, and we made it to Mobile by around 3:30. We went straight to Dauphin Way Baptist Church, which is where Mat and I got married and where we did our first year of ministry together. Mat served as the college minister there from 2008-2009. We love so many of the people at DWBC, and we couldn't visit Mobile without making a stop to see several of those many people that we love and miss so much. We spent a couple of hours there talking and catching up with some folks. Adam and Maggie, our sweet, sweet friends in ministry, met us at DWBC. Adam is currently serving in the children's ministry at DWBC. We couldn't be more proud of them and their ministry in Mobile.

We stayed with Adam and Maggie while we were in town. They have the cutest little townhouse, and they blessed us so much with their hospitality.

As soon as we got to their house and changed clothes, it was time to head downtown for the banquet. We made it downtown by driving down Dauphin Street, which is one of my most favorite drives in the world. The oaks and the houses are breathtaking.

We got downtown and parked and got up to the convention center fairly quickly. We met Kevin and his family (our friend who gave us the tickets) and spent some time catching up with them. Kevin ushered us off to meet Oliver North, who was the speaker at the banquet, and Mat and I got our picture made with him just before the banquet started.

The banquet was wonderful. The food and the company were top notch, and Oliver North did a fantastic job speaking.

After the banquet, Mat and I met Adam and Maggie at Carpe Diem-- our favorite Mobile coffee shop in Spring Hill. We had some coffee, then we all took a night drive. We got back to Adam and Maggie's fairly late, but we all stayed up late talking and catching up. It was such a wonderful time.

On Friday morning, we got up early, and it was pouring rain. Because MOBILE. Adam and Mat went and got us breakfast from Pohlman's Bakery, and then we all headed out to piddle around Mobile.

We went all over. We had lunch downtown at Panini Pete's, and it was fantastic. That afternoon, we went in lots of stores and shops and even got to go to the campus of the University of Mobile for Mat to see the recent renovations and see some friends that still work there.

We had dinner later that night at Zea, and then we watched some basketball at Adam and Maggie's house. Right before bed, we went and got ice cream at Old Dutch-- a Mobile tradition!

Mat and I left out to head home pretty early on Saturday morning. We said goodbye to Adam and Maggie, and then Mat and I made one last stop at Carpe Diem for coffee-- the perfect ending to a great weekend.

We stopped for lunch in Montgomery at Sashy's, and Mat tried fried quail, which he was not fond of. I had a fantastic grilled cheese and tomato basil soup (my standard these days).

We made one more stop in Birmingham at the Summit before heading to Boaz to pick up our babies.

It was such a great weekend, but Mat and I are happy to be back under one roof with our little flock. We are so, so thankful for sweet friends and fun memories. It was such a great weekend!

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