easter morning

We had such a wonderful Easter. Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Not only do we get to decorate with bunnies (which I do year round anyway), eat Reese Eggs, get cute baskets and begin wearing our spring clothes, we get to celebrate the greatest gift of all...Christ's resurrection! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to His people!

We got the babies Easter baskets this year, and Watts really was into her "peasants" (presents). She loved her "Easser basset (Easter basket)." Ford didn't really care, as you will see. He was just really into the Easter grass.

Watts was so sweet about her basket. When we woke them up to show them that the Easter Bunny had come, we pointed her to her basket. She kept asking, "For me? Is it for me?" She was in shock that she'd get a basket full of goodies on Easter morning. Such a sweet baby!

I'll be back later with photos from Easter morning at FBC...

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  1. "for me?" Oh how sweet! What a precious little girl. :)