you're nine months old, ford boy!

My sweet, sweet Ford boy! You are NINE MONTHS OLD.

You are THREE MONTHS AWAY FROM BEING A YEAR OLD, and my tender momma heart just cannot handle that thought for one more second.

But, you are just as sweet as you can be, and you make that same tender momma heart want to burst with joy, so I celebrate your little 3/4 of a year birthday. Where has the time gone?

You have grown so, so much it seems!. We went to the doctor today (which is why this post is a week late; I wanted to wait to post your stats), and you weigh 20 lbs., 2 oz. (about 40th%) and are 29 in. long (between 50-75th%). Your head circumference is 44.5 cm (above 95th%). Dr. Hill said you had actually lost weight since the last time we were in (when you were sick several weeks ago), but she said she thought you were just fine.

You are still drinking your bottles well, although I do much better to feed you in a quiet, dark room so that you aren't distracted by things around you. You drink anything from a 4 oz. bottle to an 8 oz. bottle depending on how hungry you are.

You eat two (baby food) meals a day-- one at lunch and one at dinner. You like literally EVERYTHING I have ever put in your mouth-- peas, carrots, squash, apples, bananas, strawberries, green beans-- you name it, you like it. I love my big eater guy. You usually eat 1-2 containers of baby food at a meal plus whatever leftover baby food pouches we may have had from the day.

You are wearing a size 3 shoe and mostly 9 months clothes, but I have started putting some of your summer stuff on you, and most of it is 12 months. You have chunky little baby legs and puffy little feet. You have a belly just like a little butternut squash. I could eat it up in one single bite.

Everyone likes to comment on your hair, and my goodness, son. I don't know what to do with it. It stands STRAIGHT UP no matter what I do with it. But, I've come to embrace it, and more importantly, to love it. It's your signature style.

You love to smile, and you've recently started turning your tongue upside down when you smile. Cracks. me. up. You still only have two little tiny teeth on the bottom. But I am hoping your top teeth will appear soon.

You aren't crawling yet, but you can scoot and pull yourself anywhere you want to go, so you are definitely mobile. You've pulled up a couple of times, but sometimes it scares you, so you don't try it a lot. You can roll over and go from belly to sitting and sitting to belly. You're just a little roly poly guy!

You go to sleep around 7:30 p.m. each night right after your bath (which you ADORE!!!). I can almost always put you straight down after your bottle, even if you aren't asleep and you will fall fast asleep in your dark, dark room. You usually only wake up once during the night for a bottle, then you go right back to sleep until 7:30 or 8 a.m.

We always go and get the paper off of the driveway together after you wake up. You LOVE being outside, and the wind always takes your breath away, which makes me laugh out loud every time.

You love to play with your big sister and her toys, and she has started wanting to play with you, too.

You have said, "Da da" a couple of times, along with "bye bye" and your favorite, "hi!". But, most of the time, you are more of a listener than a talker.

You have the sweetest disposition ever. Before you were born, I prayed that you would have a kind, tender heart, because I think that is such an overlooked and under appreciated quality in men these days, and the Lord, I believe, has granted my request. You are tender and loving and such a sweet heart. You are kind, easy going and intentional (as intentional as a nine month old baby can be, but mothers have instincts on these things; it's got something to do with the way you look at me). I can't explain all aspects of your personality, but I believe you are exactly as I prayed you would be, and that makes me so, so happy. The Lord has granted my prayers for your sister and her personality, and He has again answered my prayers for yours, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Oh, my sweet, sweet little guy, how I love you. Every day you are growing, growing and becoming more and more of a big guy and less and less of a little baby, but you will forever be mine in my heart. We are the best of friends, and there is NOT A SINGLE DOUBT IN MY MIND that you love your momma. You are such an answered prayer, Winford Paul. Your daddy and I love you so very much, and we are so proud of you every single day.

Happy nine months birthday, little man.

You. Oh, how I love YOU.

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