you're ten months old, ford boy!

My, my little boy. You are ten months old. I'll blink my eyes, and you'll be a year old. What a joy you are!

We did not visit the doctor this month, so this will be a quick run down...

We did go in for a sick visit yesterday (you have a sinus infection), and the nurse weighed you. You weigh 20 lbs., 14 oz. I am thankful that you actually gained weight since your nine months appointment! (You gained 12 ounces...I'm so thankful!)

You are still wearing basically 9-12 months clothes and a size 3 diaper. You are still eating 24(ish) ounces per day, and you love every single food I've ever fed you. You are sleeping so well in your crib, and learning new ways to play (and get into EVERYTHING) every single day.

You love to eat little things out of the floor (you ate a bee I had killed with wasp killer out of the floor the other day, thus resulting in our first call to Poison Control). We have to be super careful about watching you.

You love to be tickled and to play with your big sister. She loves to push you around, and it absolutely breaks your heart when she won't play with you. But you are both learning how to play with each other.

You love to watch "Jake and the Neverland Pirates," but you are not too fond of "Little Einsteins." 

You love, love, love bath time and having snacks. You also love to snuggle and to drink your bottle.

You are so, so happy all of the time, and you always wear your emotions on your sleeve. You beam with pride when you pull yourself up to things, and you love to clap your hands when you are proud of yourself.

You love to grab anything and everything...especially cell phones.

As of today, you have one top tooth completely through, and the other one is so close to coming in. You are going to be too, too cute with those four little baby teeth in your darling little mouth.

You are a big, big time momma's guy, and you really love your Mumsy and Gran V, too. You are a major flirt. I can tell you are going to be a heartbreaker!

I am so thankful for you, Ford boy. You are a delight to my heart. You'll always be my little guy. I love you so, so much!!

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