you're eleven months old, ford boy!

Happy (really, really late past your) eleven months birthday, Ford boy!

We have been busy, busy-- on the go and all over the place. Your momma has been in Baltimore, MD, for the Southern Baptist Convention, then we all went as a family to the beach in June, so we have had a super busy month.

You are growing and changing so, so much! You have tons of teeth, and you are currently working on cutting some more. You are struggling through it with tons of grit and lots of spit, though. You are a little champion.

You are still taking a bottle, but you are not as attached to them these days. You love juice (especially your sister's juice cups) and you love any kinds of snacks. You will (still) eat literally anything we put in front of you. You are such a good eater!

You are still crawling so well. You haven't tried to walk yet. And that's ok! I think you like being "toted." You can hold on to furniture and scoot yourself around the room though. You can get anywhere you want to go!

You are a little tornado, too! You and your sister have learned new nicknames in our house over the past few weeks. Your daddy and I call you "Lilo and Stitch" because y'all both act just. like. them. You encourage each other in mischief and shenanigans. I can turn my head for two seconds, and I can have fifteen messes to clean up. But, I love those little messes, for they are signs of little lives in our home.

You are sleeping through the night like a champion. You love your crib. You generally are asleep by 7:30-8 p.m., and you will sleep until 7:30 or 8 a.m. I love my big sleeper guy!

You and I are the best of friends, little guy. You love your momma. People always told me that little boys love their mommas, but I never knew what that was like until I had you. We have a special, special bond.

You aren't quite "verbal, verbal" just yet. You can say somethings: "Da-da", "Ma-ma", "Gran V", "Tank tou", "No", and "Bye-bye". I love your sweet little voice.

You are growing up so fast. I cannot believe I only have one more post to do for you for your first year of life! You bring me immeasurable joy, Winford Paul. I love you so much!

Happy Birthday, little Wint. Your momma is absolutely crazy about you.

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