ford's first birthday party

We had a very, very small, family birthday party for Ford at our house this year. It was such a great day, and we had a really great time celebrating our Ford boy!

We had just our family and a few very special friends over to celebrate with us. We got cake from a lady that lives close to us. (If you are in the area and would like her number, message me. Her cakes are amazing, and she is as sweet as she can be!) We had cupcakes and a small smash cake for Ford that was blue with white polka dots.

We had snacks, opened presents and let Ford eat his cake, which he LOVED. I think all of the pictures really speak for themselves, so I am just going to post them here.

I will post Ford's one year post soon.

Happy birthday, little guy! We love you!!

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  1. How absolutely precious. You have a sweet, sweet family and that party looked adorable!