you're twelve months old, ford boy!

I cannot believe it, but it has been over a year since our sweet, dark headed, beautiful son was born. Happy first birthday, Ford boy!

I cannot even put into words how you have captured our hearts since you were born. We've loved you and loved you, and sometimes I don't think I could love anything more than you and your sister, but our love for each of you continues to grow.

And so, with this last birthday month post, your time in this chapter of my blog comes to an end. I cannot believe it.

Here's what you're up to this month...

You wear a size 3 diaper still, and mostly 12 months clothes. We took you to the doctor for you one year check-up yesterday, and you weigh 21 lbs. (27th percentile) and you are 30.5 inches long (64th percentile). You are our long and lean little guy!

You are completely weaned off of formula, and you love cow's milk. You love water and juice, too. You've gotten a ton of new teeth, but you are still teething like crazy. You will literally eat anything we put in front of you, and you get pretty mad when eating time is over. I'm so glad you are a good eater!

You still have absolutely no interest in walking, but you are a PRO crawler...able to get wherever you'd like to go...QUICKLY.

You sleep through the night consistently-- usually for 12 or more hours. You go to bed at 7:30 p.m., right after your favorite time of the day...bathtime! You wake up a happy, happy baby-- ready to play and ready to eat!

You still adore your sister, but you get SCREAMING mad when she takes something away from you. You are going to give her a run for her money, I think. You are a big time momma's guy. (And I have ZERO complaints about it.)

You love to give us a high-pitched yell, often for no reason at all. And it usually cracks us up. You are saying a couple of words: bye-bye, night-night, hi, Dada, Papa, and a few others. Still not too keen on saying "Mama" just yet, though.

My sweet, sweet Ford boy, how your momma loves you! Everyday, I become more and more crazy about you as you, your sister and I learn the skilled steps of this dance we call every day life. I am honored to be your mother, and I pray the Lord will use me in your life to help shape you and conform you into the image of His Son.

You are loved. You are cherished. You are a joy. Happy first birthday, little guy. Your momma loves you to the moon and back...a thousand times!

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  1. Precious, precious post for a much loved little guy! As Watts would say, "I love you SO much!"