wattsie's first day of ballet

We have a preschool program at out church, and the sweet girl that teaches ballet there told me that Wattsie could come to ballet if she wanted to. Of course, I signed her right up (she's not old enough to take dance at the Conservatory downtown just yet!).

Mom and I took her to buy her new ballet shoes and leotard at a shop in Homewood. We had the best time picking stuff out for her, but Wattsie was much more concerned with trying on the tap shoes in the store. We finally convinced her to try on the ballet shoes, we bought a leotard and tights, and we left before Watts realized we didn't buy her the tap shoes.

Her first day of ballet was supposed to be on Tuesday of this week, but he teacher, Miss Jordan, was sick, so they had to reschedule for Wednesday.

I took her on Wednesday, and she met her classmates in the hallway while they waited on Miss Jordan. As soon as Watts saw the baby dolls in the classroom though, she was no prospect for dance class. I finally got her attention diverted back to all the other little girls, and she followed them into their room for ballet class to begin.

As soon as I walked out, I heard her ask Miss Jordan, "Hey, where's my mom and dad? Where's my mom and dad?" Funny girl.

I ran upstairs to Mat's office to say hi, and when I came back down stairs, I peeked into the classroom just in time to see Miss Jordan pulling Wattsie back into line. It's hard to concentrate sometimes.

I came back to pick her up an hour later, and Miss Jordan said she did well. I couldn't get two words out of Wattsie about anything they did, but finally she did tell me she liked ballet and liked her teacher.

Miss Jordan told Mat last night that Wattsie did very well for a two-and-a-half year old. She said she has a very extensive vocabulary for a two year old, and that she only had a little bit of trouble getting distracted and staying in line. We'll work on that. ;)

I hope Wattsie continues to love ballet and dance. After all, she looks so darn cute in that little leotard.


  1. Love that her tights have a stain on them before she ever leaves for class! So precious!! Mumsy is so proud of her little ballerina!!

  2. Tiny ballet shoes are the sweetest! If I have a little girl one day, I SO hope she wants to take ballet too!